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Lochney Chariot

Power Generation

2 – 4 horses


Large 3ft diameter wheels on either side of the chariot helm are properly greased before each use.

Weapons & Armament

Each chariot is equipped with one shortbow one longbow (crossbows being too unmanageable in the heat of battle), three 6ft long lances, and the wheels have sharpened spikes protruding from the sides to cut down creatures as it rides through them.

Armor and defense

Chariots are iron- or steel-plated. More complex ones have spikes protruding from all sides and backs. Horses have barding armor usually. One cruel chariot commissioned by some forgotten warlord has horse armor with a spiked chain in front and to their sides in hopes of catching enemies within several feet.

Communication Tools & Systems

Usually the driver or archer knows the spell message and can easily communicate with their fellows.

Additional & auxiliary systems

One large chariot driven by six horses boasted a small ballista in its helm. Most four-horse models sport a large arbalest in the center with a couple dozen kumi, half-elvish long-arrows.

Hangars & docked vessels

Mirdrinda has special gates on five sides that can deploy a small regiment of chariots. The doors are wide but low, the chariots coming from slightly below the ground and coming up to the doors. Dalth'it also has two special doors for the chariots to launch since the city is backed against the Crown mountains. The "landdocks" house dozens of horses as well as a small parade ground for daily exercise for both men and beasts. Workshops and small smithies are dedicated to the chariots, Dalth'it's aren't as large as Mirdrindas, however. These stations house over two hundred personnel at peak capacity.
Schooner of the plains; schooner
Rare; plains warfare is not common anymore, but Mirdrinda and Dalth'it keep a moderate quantity just in case.
4 – 5ft
Chariot helm is 5ft; with horses is 15ft.
2ft from ground to base of chariot, 4ft total in height
300lbs unladen
50ft / round if flat plains
Complement / Crew
One driver, one archer/lancer
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
may carry three tightly, but mostly carries two


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