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Uto Daeg Vast fantasy world ripe for adventure

8th of Erevernal, 2708

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Enter a world...

...of harrowing monstrosities, scheming nobles, ancient empires, and forgotten, diabolical gods ruminating on their plans to rise again. The world moves and churns with or without input. Continents align or splinter and invincible ships sail across the horizon, never seen again. Mystery and mysticism abound. Glowing, magical Founts spring up or disappear with their immense and intransigent power.
NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the majority of the articles written and topics discussed take place on the western continent of Enor Daeg. It is the most developed and has the most articles in it. The other two continents of Sefir Daeg and Belor Daeg have some articles, but not as much as Enor Daeg.

Where to start?

Intro Articles

The best place to start is here. You can check out some of these articles to understand the world and get an idea of how the world works. You can also check below them for some core assumptions of the world.

Character Classes

Being this world was originally made for TTRPGs, these articles contain information about some classes. Culture, ideals, customs, quirks, even some locations are specified. This list is not exhaustive.


Fun Facts

Some interesting, curious, or downright odd tidbits about various things from countries to people.
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The human rulers of the united Evoria have an average age over 150 years, quite unnatural for humans.
Feathered Friends

Great raptor birds developed as beasts of burden in Arcorvatavá. Some migrated long ago to the Deadlands to support their desert elf owners.
War-torn to Backbone
The warring country of Evoria cannibalized itself for two centuries. A noble from prestigious Hlee unified the people with his 24 Champions and set up a stable kingdom on which the other countries rely.

Ecosystem of the Tree
A tall, wide, knotty tree rises above the misty plains in northeastern Caphitolia. It's home to many species of animals and a vast druidic population.
Unmapped & Dangerous
Despite the wonders of magic and technology, no one has successfully traveled or mapped western Enor Daeg.
Negotiating the Isthmus
For centuries, mortals have tried to traverse the Isthmus of Metzono that connects Sefir Daeg with Belor Daeg. Dense jungle, hostile lizardfolk, and cyclonous monsoons prevent progress.

Forgotten Empires

From the Seljüd Empire in Enor Daeg to the evil Valvukur Empire of Sefir Daeg, many ancient kingdoms have thrived and died out, most forgotten to time.
Technological Advancements
Why should magic enjoy all the praise for innovation? Technology developed by gnomes and dwarves rivals that of magicians. Long, rail-bound wheeled boxes shuttle between underground dwarven cities and gnomish-built war machines known as Warforged are just a few.
Incongruous High Magic
There have been documented cases of magical rules just simply not working. 10th-level spells, polymorphs unable to be undone or affected, and more can be found. But be mindful of those who seek rule-breakers.
Most Common Book Genre
Religious Fiction enshrines the public's fears and desires. These books follow a worshipper who either begins to doubt the power of their deity or wants to further devote themselves. They may find deeper faith or a more fulfilling deity or pantheon. Religious Fantasy is subgenre that focuses on traveling to a deity's particular plane for adventure and amazement.


More In-depth


A short list of universal terms and terminology. See more Universal Terms & Phrases here!
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Mortals. The mortal species of Uto Daeg. This includes, but not limited to, humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, goliaths, tieflings, avians, dragonborn, and the half-species.

Pantheon. The group of deities who are are most powerful and well known. They may grant power through divine magic. Includes greater deities and lesser deities. Deities outside of the pantheon are called . Full article.

P.P.M. Abbreviation of "Plane Prime Material." Also known as the Prime Material Plane. This is the plane where the outer planes and elemental planes converge. It is the plane of Mortals. Read the full article here!

Vernal. The springtime. Named after the vernal equinox. Opposite of autumn.


Core Assumptions

What to expect from the world. Things such as "Do gods exist?" and "How much of the world is explored?" are stated here!
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Deities interact with the world. Deities interact with the world though they are not omnipotent. Followers can expect some sort of boon from consistent worship of a deity. A follower is also expected to share the news and convert more souls for them. One may choose to not worship the deities, but none can doubt their existence.

Much of the world is untamed. The world and countries have swaths of wilderness running through them. In the wilderness, monsters and terror abound. Adventurers root out these threats. Few people know the world outside their county or even village.

The world is ancient. An timeless age existed before the First Era. Since then, mortals have touched almost every corner of Uto Daeg, though only a fraction of once-great places exist today. Societies rose and fell. Conglomerations of species and peoples banded and disbanded, the youngest dead before the oldest left their golden age.

Mortals regained purpose. For an entire era, mortals wandered the world, seeking purpose. They were said to be Adrift. The Great Revelation came and one-by-one mortals' spark of ambition and purpose returned. Many draw upon this for their identity. These mortals are called Raptured.

Conflict shapes history. Chaos always follows collapse, but also provides opportunity to ambitious worldshakers. Like-minded factions and organizations craft the world in the rubble of destruction. Although empires fall, survivors build in their fertile soil. Conflict acts as sparks to the dry kindling of the world.

Morality has absolutes. The use of spells such as detect good and evil and others denote the very real presence of an objective Good and an objective Evil. Just be careful who you listen to to tell you the difference....

The world is magical. Sorcerers born into homely villages. Druids who roam the isolated wilds of the world. Dragon congregations. Far-travelers from other planes who visit through portals. Floating skyships. Floating cities of cloud giants. Underground labyrinths of evil illithid. Invisible magical founts. All permeate the world.

Most of the world is roughly mapped. Although nearly impossible to traverse naturally, the world is loosely known and charted. Areas such as the Unclaimed Lands in western Enor Daeg or lands further away than the Uto Daeg world map may exist in some way, but the exact details are lost. The general lay is known to some kingdoms, but not common people who still rely upon their leaders to receive information, and none save very few know the true details of some inky parchment.



The world was divided by the now-dead deity of time, Pelagalep, into 12 months of 35 days. The calendar is used across the entire world.