You may leave your dwelling, brother, but you will carry your home inside you always.
— Chief Shabatoa to Spirit Rainwater, one of the 24 Champions


The wanderer-turned-sellswords known as barbarians are fierce and indominable. Their fighting prowess proceeds them, and many shake in their presence.  

A Vast and Many Peoples

Barbarians prefer a nomadic life. Their Paths and lifestyle varies from region to region, but all wander. From continent to continent barbarians roam, gathering resources, enough to survive, and do battle against rivals. Practically impossible, but if the barbarians united the force could topple almost any major power.  

Barbarian Origin

Many scoff at the ideal of a "civilized barbarian," and wear the title of "barbarian" with extreme pride. Many view the title in spite of those around them. It was once a exonym — a name given to them — but these early folk took hold of it and made it proudly their own.  

Harokwigto and Kord

"I will end my life long before walls surround me," was spoken by prominent barbarian Harokwigto in the Era of Reckoning. His nomadic teachings resonated with those who sought a spark. Though he is not directly credited, many scholars believe Harokwigto spearheaded the events that led to . Scholars also believe Harokwigto to be an avatar or disguise of one of Kord, especially given Harokwigto's teachings.  



The most obvious answer to a barbarians identity is their zeal for war. This is not to say all barbarians are bloodthirsty killers, but that when the barbarian applies themself to warfare it is the a single-minded focus. They call this "rage" but it can also be described as a "flow." The deep wells of anger instilled inside bubbles up to accommodate their fighting prowess to produce a flurry of swings.


Barbarians follow teachings, called "Paths." These veritable Paths have their own tenets, rules of adherence, and abilities. These also vary based on location. For example, the Sefir Daeg barbarians typically practice zealotry and have a strict devotion to a deity, while the Belor Daeg barbarians prefer the Path of the Wild which emphasizes the chaotic forces of nature and grant various abilities of wilderness. Still, some eschew the agility of light or no armor and weld themselves into a cast of armor. These hulking warriors take the Path of the Rhino, names after the rhinoceroses in Syrosyrus.


Barbarians are considered heathen and worship their ancestors and other deities. Kord they see as their father and many, especially those taken by malevolence, prefer Yurovûl or Gruumsh.  

Professional Life

Barbarians rarely leave their homes and families. However, many adventurous types and those who were left with no other choice may trek miles and miles before coming to civilization in hopes of treasure and companionship.


The most common profession to take is adventuring. Many a barbarian have found themself in the clutches of a dungeon, protecting their friends from dangerous traps and being aptly rewarded. They make great adventurers, especially since most have a knack for tracking or foraging. Any barbarian is a welcome addition to a party.

Soldiers & Guards

Not as common, soldiering and guarding not unreasonable for a barbarian. The pining for nature calls strongly, so most soldier or guard barbarians prefer the frontier.

Regional Differences

Enor Daeg

The Path of the Totem is favored among Enor Daeg barbarians. The closeness to nature from the mindset of elves in Arcorvatavá and half-elves of Gleymor feed into this. Indeed, many Gleymorians are barbarians themselves.

Sefir Daeg

Sefir Daeg barbarians prefer divinity in their Paths, preferring the Path of Zealotry. These barbarians are the most city-folk, joining churches in major cities. If religion cannot be fathomed, barbarians turn to the Path of the Berserker, which is popular in the mountains and in the snowy North.

Belor Daeg

Barbarians in Belor Daeg prefer the Wilds of that continent. Their Path of the Wild upholds the ideals of nature and its unrelenting and chaotic force. These bands of barbarians are often mistaken as wildmen, or roving madmen.


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