Arcorvatavá (ar-cor-va-TAH-vah)

"Rerya" in Common.  

We travelled west, striking out from Last Gate, true to its name. The next few days were akin to our travels through eastern Evoria. Here forest branches leaned over as if to hear some secret we held, green leaves splayed to catch warm sunlight. Squirrels and rabbits chattered about our arrival, and they went away into their burrows most likely conspiring against our intrusion. Giant roots of wide trees sprung forth from the sheltered soil, but never spread across the highway.

Days into the trip and the land changed. The trees became taller, and even our giant companion could not reach the lowest branch. The woods became claustrophobic and curiously foreboding. The trees seemed alive and to whisper to each other with their leaf-laden branches scraping, animated by some unfelt wind high up. The sun became a distant memory and lanterns had to be brought out during the day.

Once we met an elf, happily traveling with his family to their vacation home in the Riverlands. He laughed at our lanterns and cautious steps, declaring no evil thing prowled the road until after Boneo. The road failed to keep back roots now so that we must swerve around them with our carriages and horses. Far distant spring murmurs wafted to us on the wind, and thin brooklets ran without ever having caught the glimpse of sunlight. A thick unease settled upon us, though not entirely loathsome.

We had arrived in Rerya.

  — from journal entitled "On Trip to Rerya", by unknown merchant  




The closest to Evoria, Dwennia "The Little Duchy" borders the Great Forest and the Reryit region of Evoria. It contains wood elves who are very friendly and open to trade and outsiders. Their being so close to the "Diverse Kingdom" kindled their interest in the "mortals" who lived there. Many elves traveled there to set up trading, religious buildings, and other businesses. To this day, if given the chance, Dwennia would take in Reryit like a long-lost sibling. The capital of Thorp contains some of the greatest woodworkings in Rerya or even all of Daeg. Duke Terral and Duchon Marriabellam rule justly and kindly.  


The proud "Forest Duchy" of northern Rerya births some of the most well-known elves. This duchy boasts a good balance between wood elf and high elf. They unite in this one thing: they seek to undo and assimilate or otherwise tear apart Breccia. The capital of Gmeode is unique to Rerya in that a parliament founded by the first residents has high elf, wood elf, and gnome representatives. Duchesses Yylmell and Gammisell Qinieros rule with ambition burning deep in their hearts and minds.  


Large in size and ambition, Breccia dominates central Rerya. It takes several months to go around the forest and about as much time to go through it. "The Powerful Duchy" houses thousands of distinct noble houses that constantly vie for more power and resources. The capital of Rerya, Boneo, is deep into Breccia, but is so well-traveled it is not as treacherous as one might initially think. The high peaks of the Celdhros Range stretch from central Breccia south to Lochish's Marwall. Archduchess Ciliren Ilikrana and Archduchon Kymil Neriynore are the current joint-rulers of Breccia and Rerya. They rule with great authority and wisdom and counsel.  


Northernmost of the three small forest duchies called Froethe Allimoure, the "Little Duchies", this quaint forest hugs close to the Wyny Downs and supports a good number of gnomes and tinkerers. Like the other two in the Froethe Allimoure, the westernmost edges of the forest touch barren ground and as such all the trees here are either black, tainted, or just dead. The blight from Hellia is spreading, but Mallunaria's blightgrowth is the least. Duke Kyrenic Paynore and Duchess Madris Paynore rule from the safety of their fortress in Turllia.  


Second and longest of the Froethe Allimoure, Illmia boasts the finest elven warriors in Enor Daeg. The close proximity of Hellia to its western border provides ample training for these brave and fearless people. Majority of the inhabitants do not stay but become sellswords, especially to the rich, eastern houses in Breccia or Graccia. The copper mines here attract greedy dwarves from Felia who think they can strike it out rich. Usually these ones do not last long. Lond Ashryn Xyrroris and Lond Ayre Xyrroris, siblings, rule over Illmia and are proven warrior-dukes and live in the eponymous capital Ilmia. They are drawn comparisons to the human clan chieftains from the Clannish Wars some of the elves still remember.  


More dwarven than elven, Felia boasts a large dwarven population. Although at first hostile and belligerent, the dwarves have since settled into the rocky and mineral-rich hills of Felia's southern ridges, the Teratalcum range, and gained the trust and respect of their neighborly elves. The elves here are in close proximity to Hellia, but usually are too busy mining to notice any sizeable threat. The dwarves here are taller, the propinquity to dwarves providing some resistances to poison. Ladies Elaith and Faelyn Carharice rule in their redwood palace in Yvelin.
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