Although most consider half-elves to be a human-elf hybrid, they are predominantly their own species. Their inception was, yes, between amorous ties of elves and humans, but in the Fourth Era they tended to keep to themselves, being divided by families that became large clans.  


Half-elves hail from Lochish, though they also settled in areas in Evoria and Brin Balo.  


Infighting occurred towards the end of the Third Era. During this time many families stayed out of conflict, erecting fences and boundaries like their elven ancestors, to denote their grounds. Of course, ambitious individuals would not settle for meager helpings of land. Soon, the whole country rose into dissatisfaction and many bonds and oaths were sworn for protection and favor. This lends to their human heritage.   After decades of fighting, the plains region of Lochney, which is also east of the Argust River. The family Gwen, a long-storied family from the time of Jour, unified the clans in the plains thanks to their chariots and shrewd diplomacy. Indeed, the shrewdness of the business sense of the Gwens led to the rise of half-elves being seen as amble merchants.   The West, however, was not to peaceably unified. It wallowed in discontent for hundreds of years, tribes and clans assimilating into one another until only two remained: Shuoshon and Haptlom in Upper and Lower Gleymor, respectively. While today they attend to peace, trouble and bickering abounds on the borderlands between. Amiable to visitors, both give polite detest to the other as being brutish or uncultured or backwards or anything that could easily be applied to them as well. Given everything, the current situation is really the best outcome as unifying completely would cause a massive splinter as before and come back round the circle.   The success of Haptloms as presiding rulers of Gleymor is another story, but the story revolves around a dream-priest who uses divination, necromancy, transmutation, and druidic magic to step into Dreamscape, the weird astral demiplane of dreams only accessible by very few. Using the power of dreams, they influenced and brought the others to their fold. The traces of the powerful and dangerous magic are seen in their descendants that still rule in Morhyll.  


Lochish has similar script and words to Common and Elvish. It mixes the two in their own Lochesian dialect.   Accented letters
è - short e, as in 'egg'
é - long e, as in 'peak'
ì - pinched i, as in 'near'
í - long i, as in 'idea'
ò - short o, as in 'cod'
ó - long o, as in 'oh'
Terrestrial (half-breed)
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