Sefir Daeg

The norther continent of Sefir Daeg lies on and just north of the tropics. The western part is arid despite the large peninsula being surrounded by ocean, the far norther currents carrying cold water to the shore. The middle of the continent is mostly temperate with some humidity further south towards the Gold Coast and southern mangroves. East of Caphitolia are fertile lands broken up by mountains.  

Conflicts and Endless Wars

Sefir Daeg is one of the most violent places in Uto Daeg, on the whole. There is never a moment someone isn't killed. Estimates declare, on any given day, the fatality rate is almost 60,000 across the whole continent, the most out of any other continent. When a war occurs, this rate fluctuates, of course. The prolific populace of Caphitolia and Catholonika are almost entire bred as soldiers and warrior to fight in their endless war. As of 4E 2707 they are at a truce.
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