Brin Balo

The mountainous region south of Lochish. On the border of the great white beyond, a frozen hellscape that never sees sunlight through the tumultuous winds and snow storms. The name Brin Balo derives from the dwarven words meaning "mountain" and "place."   The high elevation incurs a list of hardships and struggles, hence why the dwarves here make their kalukrin, their tunnels to far locations. There are rails for trains that have trails to Lochish, Rerya, and Evoria.   The Monasteries of Brin Balo enjoy a quiet existence, apart from each other's malarkey. The monasteries have a long history of peace interrupted by spurts of conflict.  
A view of the norther mountains of Brin Balo during early spring.  
The unsnowed mountains of Brin Balo during summer.  
Brin Balo mountains in the cool autumnal months, before the great snowfalls of winter.  
The snowfields of the flat valleys between the high peaks.
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