Vellium crystals hold magical power that can be harnessed to power motors and engines.


Material Characteristics

Vellium looks like the a discolored quarts crystal. Tiny ridges grow all the way around perpendicular to the length. It is light green at the base and fades to a light blue color towards the tips. New growth is always light blue.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The crystal has a curious vibrating quality to it, which causes it to hum. The vibration and hum resonate with the magical energies held within.

Geology & Geography

This crystal forms under large subterranean lakes deep beneath Brin Balo. The Hehzh dwarves claim to have found small deposits, but none are as prominent as Brin Balo's plethora of mountains.

History & Usage


At first seen as a curiosity, vellium remained practically worthless. When the gnome clan Fellflower arrived in Mil Bazon, they saw the potential of using the vellium for their coreless engines.


The Fellflower clan first heard the magical resonance of the crystals and applied them to their engines and machines.

Everyday use

The trains of Mil Bazon use the crystals in their engines. The second wave of their warforged are also powered by vellium.

Cultural Significance and Usage

In the most recent centuries, dwarves and half-elves have come to treasure vellium for its mystical properties and energies. Merchants from Mil Bazon and elsewhere in Brin Balo take a handful of crystals on their journeys across Enor Daeg for good luck. The pouches stay on their hips during trades.

Manufacturing & Products

Vellium is kept in its crystal form for the purpose of powering machines and engines. The crystal engines hold the crystals and certain receptors extract the arcane energy from them. A mess of conductors and resistors work to transfer the power to the proper channels.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

A light blue dust is emitted when used by the engines, but it is practically harmless; it produces a harmless cough if inhaled enough.

Reusability & Recycling

Certain developments are in process to "refill" the crystals, but to no avail. Most crack upon losing their last magical essence, rendering them unusable for future development.


Trade & Market

Dwarves and approved half-elves are allowed to sell within Brin Balo. Outside of Brin Balo, the merchants are free to sell whatever they purchase inside of Brin Balo. Several have made their way to Kattumalu, Palace of Learning where the scholars there study them with fascination. Several have also made their way to the mage towers in Enor Daeg, who keep it as a curiosity.


The best storage is in a bag of holding or extra planar dimension to keep its potency. Thick glass cases also retain the magical energy.

Law & Regulation

Since it is so uncommon outside Brin Balo, there are no formal laws.   Inside Brin Balo, the distribution is not against the law, but one must be a licensed seller inside Mil Bazon, and other cities frown upon selling to outsiders.
Smells faintly of ice and the chill of winter.
Light blue fading to light green
Common State
Found in hexagonal crystals.
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