Dornakar Balo

Name translates to "kingdom-mountain"

Dornakar Balo is the dwarven kingdom situated in Brin Balo. Its capital, Mil Bazon, operates efficiently and powerfully, having a good reach in the country and outside. The relations are well with its neighbors, and indeed mostly everyone on the continent gets along. They have their fair share of troubles but their ingenuity prevails every time. They are fierce keepers of Mithril and will send their Mithril Guard to any location in Enor Daeg where it is found.   The lands encompassed by Dornakar Balo include Brin Balo and its surrounding foothills. The lands are peacefully contested between Lochish and Dornakar Balo. Delegates from both countries offer delicacies and expensive gifts to persuade the other to give up the territory. Lochish gives fish, fruits not grown in Brin Balo, and various alcohol. Dornakar gives intricate metalwork, ingots of gold and silver and platinum, and, most recently, a mithril chainmail. These gifts are always accepted.   The most fundamentally radical invention of the dwarves of Dornakar Balo is the train. Using readily available iron and steel, the dwarves can manufacture tons of rails ready for transportation. These start deep in Mil Bazon and travel outward on routes. The routes are not many, but the dwarves are hoping to expand further in Enor Daeg and eventually to the other continents as long as they avoid the deep ocean trenches. They currently have rails connecting to Deep Golog and an outpost in the Deadlands, Dregannot. They are currently looking to put a stop underneath Weirhead for the express purpose of easily obtainable fish.


Mithril is all. There are plenty of other things as well— the dark geodes for instance —but none are as plentiful and precious as mithril. It is said Moradin himself created these mountains full of mithril for the pleasure of dwarven craftsmen and miners.

With Moradin and Kord the future is built and bright.

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