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Cold Hearth, Last House of Warmth


Common: Dwarf   Uncommon: Human   Pocket: Half-orc   Rare: Elven races   Outlanders: Dragonborn


Governed by the Patrons of the House, Groddy Fellhammer, a male Dwarf, and his husband Perywyndll, a male half-elf. The small hamlet doesn't need much governing, but Perywyndll acts as overseer of domestic things while Groddy is head of military.


A thick and squat stone wall surrounds the hamlet with two iron gates and portcullis as only entrances. Five towers are built into the wall to look out for attacks or travelers. The hamlet is in possession of a brazier of fire elemental, commanded by Leath, to battle most threats.

Industry & Trade

Apart from alcohol, the town boasts rare ice gems, a type of diamond that can only be found in the frozen wastes of the South. Groddy operates a furnace and kiln with several apprentices, and sometimes trade their worked weapons to merchants.


Several windmills are utilized in the thawing summer, but otherwise a stable, a chapel to Kord, and an inn comprise the only non-residential buildings. A cobblestone road runs a good ways into town. Black flagstone paved the town square. The roofs are made of pressed shale, walls of granite and furs hanging on the inside.


Cold Hearth boasts a sizable militia, with every able-bodied person conscripted into service to fend off the White Orcs from the deep southern reaches and other deadly foes. A conjuration wizard named Leath acts as the main source of potable food and drink. The town sells their mead and liquor to brave merchants who sell the stuff for a very high profit.


Discovered a few hundred years ago, a hermit lived here behind a frosted ivy wall. His beard was gray and white, flecked with pansies. After some time, he vanished from the world, leaving his shelter. Some brave souls discovered the precious ice diamonds around his hovel and built it up to the frontier stronghold it is today.


Squat homes half buried in earth with slate roofs. Plain and efficient.


Cold Hearth rests in a shallow valley with an open plain to the north. Small hillocks rise several hundred yards away to the south and west. When it can be seen, the ground is shattered stone with some dirt covering bits here and there. No trees or vegetation in sight.

Natural Resources

Ice Diamonds crop up from between cracks in the stone after particularly harsh winters. Others can be found as big as a Dwarf further into the wilds, though these are deified by the mad Orcs who wander the snow hills.
Alternative Name(s)
South House, Eil' Hunon
Inhabitant Demonym


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