Tieflings came after the The Great Revelation and so are not considered Raptured. They were seen as "too good" for the Nine Hells and belched up to the P.P.M. This is not the tieflings' own story, but no one knows the truth.  


Humans are the most kind to all species, tieflings being no exception. Having spent several years in human cities, tieflings feel the most familiar with their culture and society, opting it as their own. Other species tend to treat them about as well as humans, which can range from well to overlooked.  

City Life

Being mostly in cities, tieflings have grown accustomed to the hustle-and-bustle of cities. They tend to live close together in groups, but enjoy neighbors as well. They make excellent merchants, being keen-eyed and having a penchant for charming. Indeed, many tieflings grow up in their family's business, whether a bakery, general goods store, or something affluent like a jewelers.  

Outside the City

That being said, some tieflings feel a longing for nature and leave their comfortable city life for one of work on farms or freedom as travelers or adventurers.


The verbiage tieflings use for their color heritage is "chroma." This heritage promotes certain ideals and beliefs, instincts and inhibitions.  
  • Red. The most common chroma. These tieflings prefer broad family ties with many relations and cousins. They are also most adventurous.
  • Blue. Second most common chroma. These tieflings prefer solitary lives, usually adventuring, but also very small, close-knit families.
  • White. The most ambitious chroma. White tieflings prefer minimal close ties, preferring one or two family members to remain close.
  • Black. Usually lean towards an evil disposition. Abundance and power fascinate them to the point of obsession.
  • Green. The rarest chroma, these tieflings are only flukes and no families of them exist. Their existence is an anomaly. Their existence also gave rise to the phrase "green-tail" which is used as a derogatory term for someone unwanted, especially a family member.
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