Clannish Wars

This devastating conflict set the Evorians back a few hundred years with their population.  


In that time, the country of Evoria were mere city-states, completely autonomous. They quarreled and rivaled against their neighbor but generally there was peace. There were several evil lords and kings and chieftains, and the Nilesian Court specifically was known for such bickering.   However, not all was well and trouble bubbled over into conflict. The war started with the Sacking of Jersenyit. The whole region ignited like kindling, with alliances breaking and mending in a mad power grab of land. The first hundred years of the war was devastating as people fought against each other, some even in their own towns. There was no peace and no reconciling the Evorians who greedily wanted power.   Eventually. a uniter, Sylvain Custlan Gilaxsten, united the lands as his grandfather foresaw and wished. He brought them all under one rule and moved the capital back to Hlee. Several of his generals formed the Great Houses of Hlee. His grandson, Manaron, currently rules Evoria.  


Pre-war Tensions

At the beginning the only real city-states were Hlee, Bypass, Tambuxic, Yym, Canstin, Dalth'it, Jesrenyit, and Deep Golog. Other cities and town existed and demanded their autonomy, but they couldn't enforce it like these ones. The city lords paid fealty to their closest neighboring city. Certain regions like Reryit and Lochesian Court and even places around the Gologian Mountains preferred neither close ally and isolated or became neutral, a position that some places would regret.  

The First Fight

The fighting first really began after a deadly altercation on the border of Tambuxia and East Heath. Some border guards squabbled and high tempers and one extremely cranky captain drove his spear through the gut of a East Heath guard. The fighting was over in a minute with most of the dozen guards dead. Word stole around during the already difficult time of reform and distrust.   Tambuxic was first to react, sending shock troops there at once with more from Yym coming shortly. Jersenyit responded with their own troops. They were routed in a battle with Tambuxic forces headed by clan Ercavic. The Tambuxic forces chased the Jersenyit forces back to their city in central East Heath. The Jersenyits closed their gates and prepared for a siege.  

Sacking of Jersenyit

Yym forces joined Tambuxic as they settled into positions to attack. Yym forces — led by clan Yym — wanted to lay waste, eager to fight. The Ercavic clan feigned action. Enraged, the Yymites stole sallied forward upon the city and broke it with ease while Tambuxic watched and waited. Ercavic thought it wise to let Yymites waste themselves, but the Yymites overwhelmed the defenders for their forces had formidable sorcerers and wizards. The Jersenyits magic was wasted in the beginning creating defenses and then bribed by Yymite agents to "be missing." At the end of the fighting, Yymites threw the city lord over the gatehouse, killing him.   The sacking began, with the men being killed, women being cast out or taken as wives, children carried off or dispersed. The city was levels and burned, stones of the great city turning black and blasted. Spoils went to Yymites, and when Tambuxic forces requested spoils clan leader of the Yym responded with, "For what work hast thou done to earn it?" This is the decline of Tambuxic as the main power in Tambuxia.  


This event sent shockwaves throughout the country. Many quarreled and traded blows but nothing on this scale. Yym had spent decades under the heel of Tambuxic and when they saw an opportunity to elevate themselves above they took it. Indeed, this thought pervaded and galvanized many of the smaller city-states to revolt or finally put their plans into action.   While all clans distrusted each other for their own reasons,  

Major Players

The League

The League were an organization who predominately sought out peace and unification. Led by Gilaxsten, these generals and powerful soldiers provided a united front and a banner to rally behind.

The Conflict


As humans developed so did their voracious greed and lust for power. Factions arose on who should lead them and how.


A single-ruling kind monarchy established immediately after formal fighting. Dwuim Aeggyl, the old chieftain who united the majority of the country, was crowned king.


The humans of Evoria have carved out a stable existence for themselves and set themselves up as a people to be respected. Their generous forgiveness and acceptance of others leads the downtrodden into their borders.
Conflict Type
Start Date
2nd of Midvernal, 4E 2224
Ending Date
3rd of Midsummer, 4E 2581
Conflict Result
Singular monarch established


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