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Sylvain the Unifier

King Sylvain Gilaxsten

The Unifier of Evoria, the leader of the Evorians. He fought for his grandfather's vision of a united Evoria and brought the capital back to Hlee. He raised The 24 Champions and with them united the disparate warlords and chieftains of the rivaling Highlands and Midlands.   He comes from a noble family in Hlee, when Hlee held a honorable role but only for posterity. His grandfather had a vision of a unified Evoria without quarreling, but Sylvain's father, Custlan, was too weak in spirit to pursue this dream. Sylvain quietly reprimanded his father for being a craven and sought out his grandfather's supposed quixotic vision.   In this constant mindset of achieving the goal, Sylvain trained rigorously and fastidiously. He voraciously consumed tomes of warfare and political theory, books about inter-personal interaction and the pitfalls many a king fell into. He sought out wisdom, against his father's wishes, and married Elúned Catrín Gilaxsten, a farmer's daughter with keen and discerning spirit. He sought her advice as well in all matters even after his conquest.   Always looking inward to improve, Sylvain knew his limitations. He knew some things would just never be perfected and so sought out help from others. This is when he sought out warriors and soldiers, sorcerers and diplomats. He raised his army in Hlee and with several friends began marching out to take control of Evoria. These were the 24 Champions, though they were not fully staffed yet.   After his conquests he returned home to raise his son, Sumpter, in the ways of diplomacy. The lad took to them and is considered one of the wisest rulers in recent memory.   Sylvain was blessed with long life, dying at the unheard of age of 150. At his passing, many monuments arose and the country spent a week in mourning. He legacy lives on through his grandson, Manaron.  

Family Tree


Elúned the Wise


Towards Sylvain the Unifier


Sylvain the Unifier


Towards Elúned the Wise


Date of Birth
35th of Eresummer, 2531 4E
Date of Death
1st of Aftwinter, 2666 4E
2531 2666 135 years old


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