Spiritualist, Pantheon, Heathen, and Pagan

What's the different anyhow? While synonymous in our own world, there is a distinction between them in Uto Daeg. First off, let's define the broad category of Spiritualists.



Spiritualists are those who follow, worship, or revere the divine or spiritual. Note the semantic difference between magical and spiritual. Arcane magic comes from the astral plane. Divine magic comes from the deities. Those who worship deities in the Pantheon fall here. Those who try to explain phenomena through the means and products of the deities are also spiritualists.  
The Pantheon
Those universally accepted and known are categorized into the Pantheon. Deities such as Asmodeus, Bahamut, Lolth, Corellon, Pelor, etc. are Pantheonic. Even some that are not very well known are considered part of the Pantheon. such as Sharu-gaol. All members of the Pantheon have clerics and power to give.  


Heathens refers to those who worship non-Pantheon deities. It is a broad category of worshipers and encompasses those who create their own deities (kuo-toa) or those who worship deities not well known or very restrictive in power or influence. Heathen deities do not usually provide tangible support like the Pantheon. One can blaspheme a deity by calling their followers "heathens."  


Pagans are a under the term heathen, but pointedly defined as those who participate in worshiping no deities. Druids fall neatly under this category for they do not worship or revere a particular deity but rather the world itself. Ancestor worship would classify as pagan, since ancestors — unless you are very lucky — are not deities.   Below is a nifty Venn Diagram to show the difference between them.  
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