There are no long-living sorcerers
— Judicious Slacofrinax, Dragonborn of the Ruby Heralds of the clan Axecloud
  From precocious dragonborn to talented village idiot, the path of sorcery chooses the user, not the other way around. In a sort of opposite to wizards who study their craft, sorcerers innately have it. This requires much hands-on trial-and-error in the learning processes; there is hardly any cerebral learning with sorcery. A good sorcerer knows their limits... and how to push beyond them.  

The Price of Power

Born different. Sorcerers, whether beneficial or malign, have magical power innately. Something about the sorcerer is different — or it could very much be just a random quirk in the multiverse.

Wear and tear. The process of magic for a sorcerer is rarely easy. The channeling of magic itself, as one of its savants, wrecks the body. Bodies adjust to this, but rising too quickly and the wreckage is nigh irreparable.

Short-lived. The havoc sorcerers wreak does have a final price. All the years of casting as magical conduits end after the body is no longer useful. The body "dries up" sooner than most others, and the lifespan of a practicing sorcerer just over half of their species normal lifespan. A devout sorcerer can expect under half a lifetime. Even the most novice sorcerers experience three-quarters of their lifetime they should have had.  

Stay in Society

Helpful people. Some sorcerers after snapping into their power find themselves more useful to their villages and homesteads than to adventuring or battle. The philanthropist sorcerers see helping others with their wonderful curse as their duty. Earnestly they go about their work. There are many different factions of these with different names. The most well-known are "Society of Helpful Magicks (SOHM)" in Sefir Daeg, "Sorcerous Workers" and "Traveling Officers of Magic (TOM)" in Enor Daeg, and "Sorcerers Anonymous" in Belor Daeg.

Formidable sellspells. Despite the benevolence of some, the majority prefer to put their magic to financial and dangerous work. Those that prefer this path become battlemages fit. They gain a reputation for being reckless or dangerous, especially when those of "wild magic" origin join.

Draconic prowess. None among sorcerers are more feared than dragonborn sorcerers. These have easy control over their power and pass this onto their children. This mindset expanded generations breeds sorcerers well acquainted with warfare.  

Historical Power

First casters. Of course, a sorcerer's nature as a conduit to the astral plane to channel magic is nothing new. In fact, it is the oldest type of spellcasting. Dragons, giants, and other primordials are said to have a keen understanding of such magics.

Overreliances. In the early days, the time before the Grand Forsaking, sorcerers grew to phenomenal power, creating their own societies and groups. These began to fall apart as their undeniably short lifespans caught up with them. Indeed, since these societies were formed from older sorcerers, time did not have to wait long to pass them to the Raven Redeemer.  



Draconic Bloodline

The mortals who had dealings with dragons or draconic being the the primordial days of the Era of Creation established a link to that power for their lineages' longevity. The selection of an heir to this pact or promise is not consistent, and any one may have the sorcerous blessing to them, even generations after the pact was made — and forgotten.  


These sorcerers are born once every few hundred years. They command obscene power, but the price is obscenely high. Many do not live past 25 years. Other try to control these powerful conduits, but in vain. Every time one is attempted to be controlled, the sorcerer explodes in unrestrained power. This power carries them through their shortened life.


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