You have the heart of a warrior, lass, the soul of a true wielder of weapons. Others call them "arms," but you embody that meaning and infuse their cold metal with your warm blood.
- Chief Thom to Catrin Vialy, one of the 24 Champions
  It is said, "No greater warrior is there than a warrior renowned only to oneself." The fighter understands the meaning of "fear" and "courage" with a single knife or sword or lance. Most are stouthearted. All are masters of their weapons, whichever blade or otherwise their warrior spirit resides.  

Spiritual Process

Fighters do not always worship a deity, are not always devout to any god or other. In a sense they are considered heathen, but that may not be the whole picture. They worship their craft and their martial ability, and most importantly, their weapons. One cannot spend years with their weapons without being attached, and the sooner the better.  

Weaponry Bonding

For fighters the attachment process takes place over years of constant service to nothing but themselves and their trusty weapons. The bond between fighter and weapon is immense and comparable to a cleric's bond between a deity. Because of this they are more pagan than heathen. The bond between weapon and fighter is one to cause a blush when spoken out of context.  

Blood Money

Blood is the most valuable currency a fighter knows. Trained to exactness, fighters may know 100 ways to slice you open. A wizard only laughs as long as the fighter's spear tip. Many fighters take pride in their bloody trophies, making marks on their armor, weapon, or otherwise. Chips from a blade render it unusable to most, but a fighter knows they are tallied scores.  

Standard Soldiers

Nothing can stop progress, and there is no forceful progress than war. Fighters often find themselves in armies where their weapon expertise finds acceptance. They make well in their careers. Some even catapult their way to legendary generals or warriors of rewnown.  

Disable, Not Maim

These fighters use weaponry meant to disable, not maim, opponents. Quarterstaffs, nets, and similar weapons are seen as non-lethal methods to dispatch foes, though they very well can be deadly. Of course, some Evil fighters prefer these non-lethal methods to hide their bloodlust under non-lethal pretense.  

Choice of Pacifism

While not common, some fighters advocate for pacifism. Fighters who specialize in defense and protection are known as "sentinel defenders". These fighters ideologically share more in common with monks than their slashing brethren.

Regional Differences

Enor Daeg

Fighters are often lumped in with guards or soldiers, but they are versatile killing machines, adept at a variety of techniques and skills. Fighters prefer sword and lances to axes in Enor Daeg.

Sefir Daeg

Seen as essential to any army, the wide array of skills fighters posses makes them targets for mercenary recruiters who often elevate true fighters to positions of power. They are seen as stalwart protectors and reliable.

Belor Daeg

Belor Daeg sees the fighter as an all-star adventurer. They are known to have some talent with carrying loot and quasi-merchants.


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