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This article will show you all the major deities that are currently in the world of Uto Daeg. These deities make up the Pantheon. This list is not exhaustive.

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Lesser Deity
Deity of Luck
- Neutral Good -
  Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Goddess of Change, Lady Luck
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Freedom, Trade, Travel, Adventure
Followers: halflings, merchants, rogues, gamblers
Symbol: three wavy lines
Reverence Day: 12th of Erevernal (12/01)
Presence: Her temples are few in civilized lands, but her wayside shrines appear throughout the world
Motto: "Change for the better"
  • Luck favors the bold. Take your fate into your own hands and Avandra will smile upon you
  • Strike back against those would rob you of your freedom and urge others to fight for their liberty
  • Change is inevitable, but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure that change is for the better
About: The deity of change, Avandra delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier. Her temples are few in civilized lands, but her wayside shrines appear thoughout the world. Halflings, merchants, and all types of adventurers are drawn to her worship, and many people raise a glass in her honor, viewing her as the god of luck
Special notes: Shrines throughout wilderness. Whereas Zechtikar is closer to commerce and the act of trading, Avandra favors the traveling and of trading.
Lesser Deity
Deity Of Justice
- Lawful Good -
  Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Highest Lord of Nobility
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Hope, Justice, Protection
Followers: dragonborn, judges, nobles, metallic dragons, healers
Symbol: dragon's head in profile
Reverence Day: 29th of Midwinter (29/11)
Presence: Worship of Bahamut is fairly common although temples to him are extremely rare as he takes into account deeds instead of objects. The few temples that exist are elegant yet simple buildings
Motto: "Honor and respect to righteous innocence"
  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order
About: Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor. Focuses on the greater good and the world. Lawful good paladins often revere him, and metallic dragons worship him as the first of their kind. Monarchs are crowned in his name
Special notes: Likes to appear in a human form as an old man surrounded by birds
Greater Deity
Deity of Harvest
- Neutral Good -
  Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Harvest Mother, Lady of Agriculture
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, Agriculture, Cultivated nature
Followers: druids, farmers, gardeners
Symbol: sheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain
Reverence Day: 13th of Aftautumn (13/09)
Presence: Governing agriculture and basically all food for peasants and laymen, Chauntea is worshipped everywhere. Her presence is most felt in the farmlands and countryfolk who raise livestock, and harness nature
Motto: "Cultivate and reproduce life"
  • Reign in nature while also being its ally. All work together prepetuates life
  • Plant life and raise it tenderly. Soft hands grow mighty oaks
  • Uphold goodness and life above all else
About: Being the deity of agriculture and controlled nature, Chauntea is worshipped by basically every farmer and peasant and layman. Because she governs a universally beneficial domain she is the most power deity. Luckily, her alignment is good
Special notes: Sincerely and lavishly worship in the human regions of Breadbasket and Elysia
Greater Deity
Deity of the Arts
- Chaotic Good -
Presentation: androgynous, non-binary
Alternate Names: Master of Magic, Elf-father
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Arcana, Life, Light
Followers: elves, eladrin, half-elves, artists, musicians, bards, spellcasters
Symbol: quarter moon or startburst
Reverence Day: 18th of Eresummer (18/04)
Presence: worshipped by almost all non-evil elves, his shrines can be found in most elven settlements
Motto: "Protect elves against corruption of drow and orcs. Protect against corruption"
  • Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether you're casting a spell. composing a saga, strumming a lute, or practicing the arts of war
  • Seek our lost magic items, forgotten rituals, and ancient works of art. Corellon might have inspired them in the world's first days
  • Thwart the followers of Lolth at every opportunity
About: Corellon is the deity of spring, the arts, magic, beauty, and the fey. He is one of the patrons of the arcane arts and the Fey, along with Sehanine and Lolth, and this is most frequently worshipped by elves. He seeded the world with arcane magic and planted the most ancient forests. Artists and musicians worship him, as do those who view their spellcasting as an art, and his shrines can be found throoughout the Feywild. He despises Lolth and her priestesses for leading the drow astray
Special notes: Part of the "Trinity of Leaves" with Sehanine and Melora. The main deity among elves. Even elves who worship another all know Corellon
Lesser Deity
Deity of Hospitality
- Lawful Good -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: The Hand of the Fellowship, the Hearthkeeper
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Life, Hearth, Home, Hospitality, Trust
Followers: artisans, cooks, guards, halflings, innkeepers
Symbol: enflamed hearth
Reverence Day: 20th of Aftautumn (20/09)
Presence: Found predominantly in halfling territory, but also many travelers offer prayers as well
Motto: "Provide shelter for the lost, food for the hungry, hearth for the weary"
  • Never stop creating, and create each piece as an honorable statement of piety
  • Respect other gods and other worshippers. Respect everyone you come across
  • Ensure your home is ready to host. Prepare extra food and bedding for travelers and wayward souls
About: She is one the most loved halfling deities, though she does allow worship beyond them. She is always the first welcomed into homes during prayers and rites and most spoken about outside of homes. Cyrrollalee is most beloved by a warm hearth during the cold and can be heard warmly whispering sleepy lullabies in the summer nights. Often confused for Avandra by outsiders, but halflings don't correct them because they find it humorous
Special notes:
Lesser Deity
Deity of Strength
- Chaotic Good -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Storm Lord
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Tempest, War
Followers: soldiers, athletes, goliaths, dwarves, orcs
Symbol: double-bladed axe
Reverence Day: 2nd of Eresummer (02/04)
Presence: Temples found in most larger cities are often open air with gymnasiums and fields
Motto: "The fierce survive, and the strong weather the storms"
  • Be strong, but do not use your strength for wanton destruction
  • Be brave and scorn cowardice in any form
  • Prove your might in battle to win glory and renown
About: Kord is the storm god and lord of battle. He revels in strength, battlefield prowess, and thunder. Fighters and athletes revere him. He is a mercurial god, unbridled and wild, who summons storms over land and sea; those who hope for better weather appease him with prayers and spirited toasts
Special notes: Although dwarven, is open for any of any species to worship him, providing they are strong.
Greater Deity
Deity of Creation
- Lawful Good -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: First Father
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Forge, Knowldge, War, Order
Followers: dwarves, smiths, miners, artisans
Symbol: anvil surmounted by flame
Reverence Day: 22nd of Aftvernal (22/03)
Presence: He is seen as the creator of dwarves and is worshipped as such.
Motto: "Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity. Demonstrate loyalty to your family, clan, leaders, and people."
  • Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to your family, your clan, your leaders, and your people.
  • Strive to make a mark on the world, a lasting legacy. To make something that lasts is the highest good, whether you are a smith working at a forge or a ruler building a dynasty.
About: Moradin is the god of creation and patron of artisans, especially miners and smiths. He carved the mountains from primordial earth and is the guardian and protector of the hearth and the family. Similar to Bahamut, but Bahamut focuses the wider world. Dwarves from all walks of life follow him
Special notes: Moradin is believed to influence many good events in history.
Greater Deity
Deity of the Sun
- Neutral Good -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Dawn Father
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Hope, Life, Sun
Followers: bards, rangers, druids, healers
Symbol: sunburst
Reverence Day: 10th of Midsummer (10/05)
Presence: The second-most worshipped god of the humans and as such his temples are present in all sizes of human settlements
Motto: "Let there be light!"
  • Alleviate suffering wherever you find it
  • Bring Pelor's light into places of darkness, showing kindness, mercy, and compassion
  • Be watchful against evil
About: God of the sun and summer, Pelor is the keeper of time. He is known as a healing god and opposes all that is evil. He is tangentially related to agriculture due to his wife, Chauntea. Paladins rangers are found among his worshippers
Special notes: The "first god", Pelor is respected in every good aligned realm


Lesser Deity
Deity of Harmony
- True Neutral -
Presentation: androgynous
Alternate Names: Keeper of Balance
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Balance, Peace, Philosophy
Followers: mystics, philosophers, diplomats, enlighteners
Symbol: one downward hand, palm forward next to an upward hand back forward
Reverence Day: 6th of Ereautumn (06/07)
Presence: Temples and shrines are incorporated into whatever fits the locale, as long as the opposite is also present. Overgrown cities are the most beloved locations for prayer and fellowship. Here, the Narrow Way is opened for walking
Motto: "Follow the Narrow Way through habits, peace, balance, and austere lives"
  • Walk always with each step counting towards your goal. Do not let a single breathe be in opposition to your journey
  • All are equal: evil and goodness, hate and love, living and dying
  • Allow anything in moderation and compliance so that all things calculate to completion
About: A truly alien god who is often depicted and seen in meditation. She is considered both alive and dead in this state and answers prayers. She often is mocked but mockery leads to contemplation which leads to enlightenment
Special notes: It's said she offers retreat and bliss, nothing substantial. Despite this, she still commands relevance in the deific rankings
Lesser Deity
Deity of Civilization
- Lawful Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Clockwork Empress
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Order, Time
Followers: rulers, judges, pioneers, devoted citizens, inventors
Symbol: blue gear with start inside of it
Reverence Day: 1st of Erevernal (01/01)
Presence: Temples found in civilizaed areas as she is the god of civilization
Motto: "Tame the wilderness, defend civilization against darkness"
  • Work with others to achieve your goals. Community and order are always stronger than individuals
  • Tame the wilderness to make it fit for habitation, and defend the light of civilization against darkness
  • Seek out new ideas, inventions, lands and wilderness. Build machines, cities, and empires
About: Erathis is the deity of civilizations, inventions, and law. Rulers, judges, pioneers, and devoted citizens worship her, and her temples are present in most major cities of the world. She has been adopted as deity of time after Pelagalep's death. She is allied with Pelor, Moradin, and Ioun. She is perhaps the only god on cordial terms with Asmodeus, King of the Nine Hells, as tyranny and dystopia are forms of civilization. Her antithesis is Melora, the goddess of wilderness, nature, and the sea. She was close friends with Pelagalep, creating the Clockwork Nirvana together
Special notes: On good terms with Asmodeus. Hates Melora and all chaotic things. Palace in Clockwork city in Mechanus
Lesser Deity
Deity of Knowledge
- Absent Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Mystery Goddess, Knowing Mistress
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Absent Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Arcana, Skill, Prophecy, Study
Followers: Sages, seers, librarians, scholars, wizards, teachers and tacticians
Symbol: three eyes, or eye on a staff
Reverence Day: 18th of Ereautumn (18/07)
Presence: Libraries and sage towers act as "temples" for her
Motto: "Seek perfection of your mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance"
  • Seek the perfection of your mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another.
  • Accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms. Pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.
  • Be watchful at all times for followers of Vecna, who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets. Oppose their schemes, unmask their secrets, and blind them with the light of truth and reason
About: Ioun is the goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy. Sages, seers, and tacticians revere her, as do all who live by their knowledge and nmental power. Corellon is the patron of arance magic, but Ioun is the patron of its study. Librares and wizard academies are built in her name
Special notes:
Greater Deity
Deity of the Untamed
- True Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Empress of the Sea, Wild Mother, Untamed God
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Nature, Tempest
Followers: elves, halflings, rangers, druids, sailors
Symbol: clam shell with simple swirl
Reverence Day: 9th of Erewinter (09/10)
Presence: Shrines often found in the wilderness or built in port cities for sailors to pray before embarking
Motto: "Protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse. Live in harmony with the wild"
  • Protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse. Oppose the rampant spread of cities and empires
  • Hunt aberrant monsters and other abominations of nature
  • Do not fear or condomn the savagery of the wild. Live in harmony with the wild
About: The goddess of nature, wilderness, and the sea, Melora is often worshipped by elves as well as hunters and rangers. She is the antithesis of Erathis, the deity of civilization, and is also known to despise Asmodeus. She has no astral domain and prefers to simply wander the cosmos. Sailors often make offerings to her before they embark on their voyages
Special notes: Part of the "Trinity of Leaves" with Corellon and Sehanine. Sailors often make offerings to Melora before sailing. worshipped heavily in Iron Quay along Avandra and Cyrrollalee
  Pelagalep (D)
Greater Deity
Deity of Time
- Lawful Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Mother Time
Divine Rank: Greater deity (deceased)
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Time, Magic
Followers: time wardens, followers of Erathis, wizards
Symbol: perfect circle divided into 24 sections with two arms pointing to 0 and 6
Reverence Day: 1st of Erevernal (01/01)
Presence: She is no longer worshiped or has a presence. Those who do are seen as foolish, for no power flows.
Motto: "All things must come into the order of time."
  • Keep a strict routine. Discipline begets discipline.
  • Never be without a way to keep time. Time guides and is the greatest teacher.
  • All must be done in accordance with a schedule. Avoid the timeless.
About: Pelagalep was not the first deity to exist but came about on her own terms, without any intervention or assistance from others. She aligned herself closely with Erathis and together they built the Clockwork Nirvana. Pelagalep often interrupted the other deities and worshipers for not adhering to a time or schedule. She was killed by Sharu-gaol over one such infracture
Special notes: Due to her death, many customs and beliefs and ceremonies were absorbed by Erathis, her closest ally. As such, no power can be granted to clerics, not can prayers be made
  Raven Redeemer
Lesser Deity
Deity of Death
- True Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names:Night Mistress, Guide of the Dead, the Guider
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Life, Graves
Followers: gravetenders, undertakers, shadow fey
Symbol: raven's head in profile
Reverence Day: 35th of Aftwinter (35/12)
Presence: Temples often found in large cities as large spires of obsidian. Worshipped by most when mourning the dead
Motto: "Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life"
  • Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life
  • Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Redeemer, you must punish hubris where you find it
  • Watch for the cults of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. The Demon Prince of the Undead seeks to claim the Raven Redeemer's throne
About: The name of the goddess of death is long forgotten, but she is called the Raven Redeemer. She is the spinner of fate and the patron of winter. She marks the end of each mortal life, and mourners call upon her during funeraly rites in the hope that she will guard the departed from the curse of undeath
Special notes: Oppossed to all forms of necromancy and revival.
  Rill Cleverthrush
Lesser Deity
Deity of Tinkering
- Lawful Neutral -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Father of Invention
Divine Rank: Lesser Deity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel
Followers: gnomes, tinkerers, engineers, travelers
Symbol: large ruby with an intricate design
Reverence Day: 33rd of Aftvernal (33/03)
Presence: He is found in engineer guilds and travel sites and in corners of workshops
Motto: "Every gnome has their place."
  • Never lose for the spark of invention.
  • Hold habits and schedules as a priority.
  • When traveling, keep to an itinerary. Never be late.
About: Rill Cleverthrush is portrayed as an elderly, bespeckled gnome carrying a staggeringly complex ruby said to have a facet for every living gnome. His favored weapon is the longsword. His holy text is a set of natural laws and instructions for living called Rill's Instructions to the Faithful.
Special notes: Chief deity among the gnomes.
Lesser Deity
Deity of the Moon
- Chaotic Neutral -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: The Moonbow, Mother of Stars
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Trickery, Knowledge, Trysts
Followers: diviners, illusionists, elves, astrologers
Symbol: crescent moon, sometimes closed, sometimes closed
Reverence Day: 11th of Midwinter (11/11)
Presence: Worshipped in areas of high elven population.
Motto: "May the moonlit future illuminate the shaded path."
  • Consult the stars and moon. They are your greatest ally.
  • Keep to the shadows, avoiding the blazing light of zealous good and utter darkness of evil.
  • Seek new horizons and new experiences, and let nothing tie you down.
About: Sehanine is sometimes called the Moonbow or as Sehanine Moonbow. God of the moon and autumn, Sehanine is the patron of trickery and illusions. She has close ties to Corellon and Melora and is a favorite deity among elves and halflings. Scouts and thieves ask for her blessing on their work
Special notes: Part of the "Trinity of Leaves" with Corellon and Melora. Writes fortune in the stars.
Lesser Deity
Deity of the Commerce
- Neutral -
Presentation: androgynous, non-binary
Alternate Names: Lady of Coin, Minted Master, Merchants' Friend
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Trade, Trickery
Followers: shopkeepers, merchants, guides, peddlers, moneychangers, smugglers
Symbol: Upright coin with Zechtikar's profile facing right
Reverence Day: 25th of Aftvernal (03/25)
Presence: Every major trading city, most smaller cities and towns with high commerce.
Motto: "All are appraised and weighed according to their worth."
  • Everything has worth, therefore, treat everything as worth.
  • Treat each encounter fairly and judiciously.
  • Every deed requires an equal reward.
About: Zechtikar prefers to stay outside of alignment and such worthless endeavors. Under their guidance, trade between people, cities, continents, and planes endures.
Special notes: Was once enbattled with Tiamat, but successfully evaded the dragon queen, making their war into one of attrition. Shares trading domain with Avandra, but focuses more on coinage and act of trading rather than traveling and exploring.


Greater Deity
Deity of Tyranny
- Lawful Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names:
Divine Rank: Greater deity
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Knowledge, Tickery, Order
Followers: Slavers, Tyrants, Bureaucrats, Cultists, Infernals
Symbol: three inverted triangles arranged in a long triangle
Reverence Day: 22nd of Eresummer (22/04)
Presence: Often privately worshipped as a means to gain greater wealth and power.
Motto: "Uphold any contract agreed to. The weak should serve the strong. "
  • Seek power over others, that you might rule with strength as the Lord of Hell does.
  • Repay evil with evil. If others are kind to you, exploit their weakness for your own gain.
  • Show neither pity nor mercy to those who are caught underfoot as you climb your way to power. The weak do not deserve compassion.
About: Asmodeus is the evil god of tyranny and domination. He rules the Nine Hells with an iron fist and a silver tongue. Aside from devils, evil creatures such as rakshasas pay him homage, and evil tieflings and warlocks are drawn to his dark cults. His rules are strict and his punishments harsh
Special notes: Asmodeus subtly influences the Prime Material Plane without others even noticing.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Conquest
- Lawful Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Greatest Conqueror, The Warlord
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: War, Order.
Followers: Goblins, Dictators, Conquerors, Fighters, Monks, Blackguards.
Symbol: horned skill with central, downward spike
Reverence Day: 32nd of Midvernal (32/02)
Presence: Among evil gods, Bane's church is the most stable and powerful. Although looked down upon by others, the church is far less secretive than that of most other evil gods.
Motto: "Fear is the greatest weapon."
  • Never allow your fear to gain mastery over you, but drive it into the hearts of your foes.
  • Punish unsubordination and disorder.
  • Hone your combat skills to perfection, whether you are a mighty general or a lone mercenary.
About: Bane is the god of war and conquest. Militaristic nations of humans and goblins serve him and conquer in his name. Evil fighters and paladins serve him
Special notes: The god with the most stable and consistent followers, his followers known as "The Ruthless" are among the strongest and most feared.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Destruction
- Chaotic Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: The One-Eyed God
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: War, Tempest
Followers: orcs, barbarians, orogs, half-orcs, the malevolently ugly
Symbol: one malevolent eye
Reverence Day: 13th of Aftvernal (13/03)
Motto: "Gather and breed. Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours."
  • Conquer and destroy
  • Let your strength crush the weak.
  • Do as you will, and let no one stop you.
About: Gruumsh is the evil god of destruction, lord of maurading barbarian hordes. Where Bane commands conquest, Gruumsh exhorts his followers to slaughter and pillage. Orcs are his fervent followers, and they bear a particular hatred for elves because Corellon put out one of Gruumsh's eyes
Special notes: While Bane's followers conquer, Gruumsh's slaughter. They are the chaotic version of Bane.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Spiders
- Chaotic Evil -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Mistress of Lies, Demon Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Trickery, Knowledge, War
Followers: Drow, Driders, Spiders
Symbol: spider
Reverence Day: 26th of Erewinter (26/10)
Presence: Worshipped by all Drow.
Motto: "Dominate and perpetuate evil and order. Kill elves, bring down the unworthy."
  • Do whatever it takes to gain and hold power.
  • Rely on stealth and slander in preference to outright confrontation.
  • Seek the death of elves at every opportunity.
About: Lolth is the evil god of shadows, lies and spiders. Scheming and treachery are her commands, and her priests are a constant force of disruption in the otherwise stable society of the evil drow. Though she is properly a deity and not a demon, she is called the Demon Queen of Spiders
Special notes:She has vowed the total annihilation of elves and elf-friends. Despises all non-drow elves.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Rot
- Chaotic Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: The Great Worm, Lord of Abandon
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Disease, Madness
Followers: Evil alchemists, plague artists, the rotten
Symbol: blooming flower
Reverence Day: 30th of Midvernal (30/02)
Presence: He is revered in cloisters of alchemical cultists.
Motto: "Infect, rot, toil, squirm, consume, become."
  • Infect the world with madness with abandon.
  • Only trust those who have rotten inside.
  • Be as the worm and always crawl.
About: Sharu-gaol prefers his hairless, pallid form where he crawls with hands behind his back like a worm. He sometimes appears as a large worm or their kin, wyrms. His maddening howl infects those who hear him, turning them into beautifully rotten flowers for him to feed on. He inhabits a forgotten corner of the Abyss
Special notes: Said to be the child of Tharizdun and Torog.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Madness
- Chaotic Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: The Mad God, Lord of Chaos, The Chained God, Elder Elemental Eye
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Madness, Annihilation, Trickery, Death
Followers: Aberrations, Insane people, Obscene people, Worshippers of the Elder Elemental Eye
Symbol: dark spiral or inverted ziggurat
Reverence Day: 7th of Aftwinter (07/12)
Presence: His followers work in secret and one day hope to free the Chained God.
Motto: "The shrieks of the mad provide comfort. Listen to their wonderfully numbing singing."
  • Channel power to the Chained God so he can break his chains.
  • Retrieve lost relics and shrines to the Chained God.
  • Pursue the obliteration of the world, in anticipation of the Chained God's liberation.
About: Tharizdun is the evil god who created the Abyss. He is rarely mentioned, because the fact of his existence is not widely known. A few scattered cults of demented followers revere him, calling him the Chained God or the Elder Elemental Eye. Tharizdun doesn't speak to his followers, so his commands are unknown, but his cults teach the Tenets.
Special notes: Still chained and akin to Woundmaker in way of imprisonment.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Wealth
- Neutral Evil -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Queen of Greed, Empress of Vengeance
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral Evil (lawful and chaotic)
Domains: Greed, Dragons, Trickery, War
Followers: Evil dragons, Treasure hunters, Tyrants, the Vengeful, Kobolds, Lizardfolk
Symbol: dragon head with five claw marks
Reverence Day: 1st of Aftsummer (01/06)
Presence: Primarily worshipped by dragonkin, often worshipped by humanoids.
Motto: "Under colors of power, The Dragon shall rule The Other."
  • Hoard wealth, acquiring much and spending little. Wealth is its own reward.
  • Forgive no slight and leave no wrong unpunished.
  • Take what you desire from others. Those who lack the strength to defend their possessions are not worthy to own them.
About: Tiamat is the evil god of wealth, greed, and envy. She is the patron of chromatic dragons and those whose lust for wealth overrides any other goal or concern. Despite being classified as evil, some foolishly dip their toes into her worship for money, thinking themselves immune to her control, influence, and power.
Special notes: Only sought out by the dragons and those who revere dragons. Lords of dragons serve her.
Lesser Deity
Deity of the Underdark
- Chaotic Evil -

Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Crawling King
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Pain, Darkness, Seclusion, Torture, Death
Followers: Jailers, Torturers, Creatures of the Underdark
Symbol: circle with a wide T sprouting from top
Reverence Day: 28st of Midwinter (28/11)
Presence: Temples dedicated to Torog are most odten located as part of a dungeon, torture chamber, or similar place of imprisonment. Virtually all rituals devoted to Torog take place in secret.
Motto: "Seek out and revere deep places beneath the earth. Delight in pain as pain is homage to Torog."
  • Seek out and revere the deep places beneath the earth.
  • Delight in giving of pain, and consider pain you receive as homage to Torog.
  • Bind tightly what is in your charge, and restrain those who wander free.
About: Patron of jailers and tortures. Common superstition holds that if his name is spoken, Torog burrows up from below and drags the hapless speaker underground to an eternity of imprisonment and torture. Jailers and torturers pray to him in deep caves and cellars, and creatures of the Underdark revere him as well.
Special notes: Those who wander down below inevitably find the company of Torog Followers.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Evil Secrets
- Neutral Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Maimed Lord, the Arch-Lich
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Arcana
Followers: Wizards, Sorcerers, Conspirators, Liches, Vampires
Symbol: decrepit skull
Reverence Day: 31at of Midautumn (31/08)
Presence: Vecna's cult is extremely secretive as it works to amass knowledge and secrets by any means necessary.
Motto: "Death is only the beginning. Betrayal is only a tool."
  • Never reveal all you know.
  • Find the seed of darkness in your heart and nourish it; find it in others and exploit it to your advantage.
  • Oppose the followers of all other deities so that Vecna alone can rule the world.
About: Vecna is the evil god of undead, necromancy, and secrets. He rules that which is not meant to be known and that which people wish to keep secret. Evil spellcasters and conspirators pay him himage.
Special notes: The hardest deity to worship, Vecna's followers are only devout to power and seek only evil.
Lesser Deity
Deity of the Spurned
- Neutral Evil -
Presentation: female
Alternate Names: Lady of the Precipice, Mother of the Scorned, Mistress of Wickedness
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Disdain, Seclusion, Scheming, Misanthropy
Followers: Masochists, Sadists, Spurned, Misanthropes
Symbol: jagged, gnashing teeth
Reverence Day: 24th of Midautumn (24/08)
Presence: Remote, desolate places or places deemed unworthy or unfit to live, decrepit slums.
Motto: "Your ugly place in the blemished world is special, others cannot see it."
  • Detest beauty, love. Revel in watching the gold tarnish.
  • Time is your best resource, use it wisely to your advantage.
  • The ones who spurned you will one day fall. Be there to ensure their heads crack.
About: Yurovûl is often scoffed as an idiot god, but these feelings only strengthen her. She promises her followers that those who scoffed or spurned or jabbed will be brought low, below them
Special notes:Her ideal world is one where all are ugly, and she intendeds to make it so.
Lesser Deity
Deity of Darkness
- Chaotic Evil -
Presentation: male
Alternate Names: Prince of Darkness, Poison Lord, Great Serpent, Master of Poisons and Shadows
Divine Rank: Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Trickery, Death, Poison, Serpents
Followers: yuan-ti, assassins, poisoners
Symbol: fanged serpent wrapped around a skull
Reverence Day: 18th of Midwinter (18/11)
Presence: Besides Yuan-ti temples, all other worship places are kept secret and hidden by the few that follow.
Motto: "Hide under the cloak of night, so your deed be kept secret. Delight in poison and surround yourself with snakes."
  • Hide under the cloak of night, that your deeds might be kept in secret.
  • Kill in Zehir's name and offer each murder as a sacrifice.
  • Delight in poison, surround yourself with snakes.
About: Zehir is the evil god of darkness, poison, and assassins. Snakes are his favored creation, and the yuan-to revere him aboe all other gods, offering sacrifice to him in pits full of writhing serpents.
Special notes: One of the only deities worshipped almost entirely by a specific species (yuan-ti).



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