The Gilaxsten Kingdom of Evoria

Evoria is the human kingdom, dominating the Central East of Enor Daeg, the western continent in Daeg. The current kingdom is in control of the Gilaxsten family, The self-proclaimed king Sylvain the Unifier came and united the tribes into one country. It is from this line that Manaron was birthed.   Evoria is on good terms with all surrounding countries. Royalty in each country respects the dedication and progress humans have made, especially the rule of Manaron. The peoples of the other species tend to look down on short-lived humans but view their accomplishments as novel and impressive given their short lives.


The responsibility rests fully on the the throne, king and queen. The high court is a secondary authority, who give some council but also handle the minutia of keeping the kingdom secure and running. They are also responsible for if the throne is unable to rule.


Diligence and duty are highly regarded above all. Loyalty is the second most important. As such, the throne and its arms strive for professionalism and perfection. Accomplishing difficult tasks are expected and overworking is seen as virtuous.   That being said, piety is also important and all are encouraged to participate in religious affairs and events. Embodying aspects of deities is also virtuous. Pelor and Chauntea are the two most popular, but mostly any non-evil deity is accepted.   Rising above the rest is prized, but so are the well-words of peers and colleagues. If someone shows promise but all their associates despise them, there is little progress one can go.   As far as alignment, Evoria strives for lawful good, putting an emphasis on the obedience of the law and order and that it helps the country and all those in it for the better of everyone.

Public Agenda

The government of Evoria are two fold: monarchy and high court. The High Court sees themselves as lawmakers and in general a balance to the throne when necessary. The monarch sees itself as a perpetuation of the crown and throne of Evoria, a unified and diligent duty.

Demography and Population

Total population: 2.93 million.


Pelor and Chauntea are the most popular deities worshipped. Pelor is predominantly worshipped in the cities, particularly Hlee, while Chauntea is the deity of farmers. Many of the other deities are also venerated such as Moradin, Melora, and Avandra. Bahamut is not venerated since the Evorians have a phobia of all dragons and their kind, though that is changing.

Into the dark with goodness, into the evil with light.

Founding Date
3rd of Midsummer, 3E 2581
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Evoria III
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
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