Universal Terms & Phrases

Community begets language

  • The everyday phrases and terms engender a cohesive society. The following words can be found all across the world, not locked to a single continent, country, region, nor city. You may see terms you believe to be common not on this list, and that's due to them not being universal.
  • These words may appear in articles with a quick definition. Their definitions may have a pronunciation as well.
  • This list is not exhaustive and being updated, for language never ceases changing.
  • Unless stated, the following words are used in lowercase.
  • If you are even semi-adjusted to society you will know these terms.
— Ordered by importance or commonality of word —
The mortal species of Uto Daeg. This includes, but not limited to, humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, goliaths, tieflings, avians, dragonborn, and the half-species.
The gods and goddesses of the multiverse. Deities is an all-encompassing term since the deities may shift their gender or sex as well as have non-binary gender (such as Corellon).
The group of deities who are are most powerful and well known. They may grant power through divine magic. Includes greater deities and lesser deities.
Initialism for "Plane Prime Material". i.e., the world the mortals reside. Sometimes called P.M.P., the "prime material plane".
Always capitalized.
One who worships non-pantheon deities. The Kuo-toa could be described as "heathen" for worshiping their deities. Encompasses pagans.
One who worships no deities or non-deities, such as druids who worship the earth itself or spirits of the earth. Under broader heathen label.
The Great Revelation
An event in which the spirit of purpose once again inhabited mortal species on the Plane Prime Material. Not all received this spirit at the same time.
Always capitalized.
Those who lost the spark of purpose after the deities' departure. Currently, it is unknown if anyone is still Adrift.
See "The Great Revelation."
Always capitalized.
A species or people that have had their purposes revealed. See "The Great Revelation" for more.
Always capitalized.
Spring or springtime. Typically used in names, titles.
ex. Midvernal.


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