The Great Revelation

After Jour the Cloud Giant Lich King fell, the deities departed in the Grand Forsaking. They took the very spirits of the mortals with them. The mortals with a "spark" had no purpose beyond survival and reproduction. There was no art, no beauty, no revelry, no joy. For over 2,000 years mortals simply existed. They were Adrift. And then something began to change, and a new age, Era of Mortals, began. Those who regained their spirit are known as Raptured  




Starting with the elves, there came profound knowledge that appropriated into the minds and hearts of them. This knowledge gave them back their creativity, their desires, their inhibitions. The first of the Great Revelations came and they formed their identities from it. The elves then split into their now known ethnicities of High, Wood, and Drow. The High elves sought the deities, their Trinity of Corellon, Melora, and Sehanine. The Wood elves sought the refuge of the forests and nature. The drow, who had already been underground, delved deeper and mantled Lolth's intentions.  


Almost immediately after the elves — and some will say before — the dwarves received their revelation. Their purpose was to craft and innovate. They took to this gleefully. Moradin himself had a hand in this, them being his favorite creations. Industrious and fair, the dwarves progressed society and also became Mountain and HIll dwarves.  


Next were the gnomes. These took to their houses fantastic and learned their purpose of tinkering, blessed by Rill Cleverthrush. Their kind hearts and quick, sometimes erratic minds solidified them as socially inept inventors.  


Not long but still some time after the first three species received their revelation, the half-elves awakened. They took after their elven parentage and quickly found their talents lay in mercantilism. Indeed, there is no better trader than a half-elf with appropriate resources.  


Upon losing their spark, dragonborn burrowed underground and hibernated. The Era of Mortals continued for several hundred years before their ambition and purpose was restored. Their purpose became a species to be "destined", a term with unspecific meaning, but dragonborn patriarchs and matriarchs drive the idea into their children and children's children.  


Quiet and content, the halflings settled into their holes or homes. Their revelation was one of ease and no ambition, which suited them just fine. They fell into the role of homemakers easily and hung their traveling things away, for they no longer needed them.  


Last of the populous species, the humans were slow to receive their revelation, but once received they took to it the quickest. Theirs was one of many, as diverse as they were. From traveling to agriculture to warring to sailing, everything seemed to fall under their purview. While they rarely were the best, they were always great at what they put their hands to.  



Giants never had their spark taken, never Adrift. They never became raptured.  


Tieflings did not receive a revelation because they came to the Plane Prime Material long into Era of Mortals. They share a similar interest as humans.  


Half-orcs take after their human ancestry.
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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