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Gleigos Warship

The massive vessel slid swiftly over the ocean waves. The slapping of oars on the water's surface accompanied the flap of the sails in the mist. Silhouettes to either side indicated where the other hulking, spike-clad ships sailed. Pelanes was going to war.

The warships of Gleigos are built for swift and brutal combat. They were developed shortly after the Gleigos severance, in the years leading up to the Continental War. Meant to swiftly catch up to its targets and effortlessly destroy them, the design of the ships truly fits its function.

For maximal speed, the warships are equipped with a set of two massive square-rigged masts and a set of smaller headsails. However, wind is not always a reliable asset when sailing to a pinpointed target. For this, each warship also has a large bank of oars below the main deck, where soldiers work two to an oar to help push the vessel forward.

When the warship reaches its target, it has essentially two options for a swift and destructive attack. Firstly, the ship can approach the target (typically another ship) at a very fast speed with the intention to collide. Each warship is fitted with a long, sharp prow spike to collide headfirst with other ships. Likewise, the hull of the ship is lined with slightly shorter, sturdier spikes to attack the ship's broadside and deal maximum damage. These spikes are typically made out of iron or another sturdy metal, and some ships adorn the spikes and the hulls of their warships with other decorative pieces.

Warships can also attack their targets from a longer distance. A set of four to six ballistas is installed on each vessel, equipped with a large supply of long bolts, some with chains, gunpowder, or flammable materials to ensnare the target or increase the bolt's damage. The ballista operators are well-trained and have frighteningly accurate aim.

Gleigos warships gained a reputation during the Continental War of being brutal, swift killing machines, well-designed to attack and destroy any other ship it might encounter. Sailors operating any sailing vessel are advised to steer a wide berth around these terrors of the sea, particularly during times of tension, unrest, or war.

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