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26th of first Spring, AV 1613

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Welcome to the world of Galactus!

This planet is mostly ocean, with travel between its nine continents mainly done by boat. This creates many opportunities for brave adventurers such as yourselves to make a good living carrying out missions for those unwilling to risk the journey themselves.
And the journey overseas certainly is full of risks. In the past century, there has been a rising tide of unsavory or downright evil creatures on land, in the air, or under the ocean's waves. Sea serpents, krakens, aboleths, and other deadly creatures lurk in the depths, waiting to prey on unsuspecting and unobservant sailors. Not to mention the whispers of a wrathful sea goddess, patrolling the waters in search of her lost lover, the one who raised the moon. Some say he has been banished into the moon itself by the dark powers lurking in the Abyss.
Gather your friends, adventurer, and journey across the high seas, over towering peaks, and through deep jungle to solve an ancient mystery and awaken a long-vanished power... or die trying.