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The Parlour

by hughpierre


K'ayib Otomies

These are the special contingent of noble women trained in the use of ranged weapons for religious purposes. They function as the most notable professional connections the girls can make to showcase there self-importance over their fellow students. This grants a natural starting advantage should they want to pursue future political goals.  

Student Leader

Perhaps the most consequential person in the whole organisation. The K'ayibs do not get this distinction since they are more of a sponsor of the group than active participants in its running. The leader is always one of the upperclassmen who was chosen by the previously graduated leader; and rules for 1-2 years. Part of the mystery of the Parlour is that their student leader is not readily known to the wider student body, or even to the school administration.   True, there have been some who could not help but boast; but even more were as silent as the grave. More often than not, the leader has been someone who was widely popular among the larger student population which has lead many to gossip as to their identity, which ironically may have aided in concealing their identity.

Public Agenda

  • Promote the use of salt spells in the military
  • Offer emotional support to its members
  • Endorse political and social projects
  • Sponsor the endevours of certain speaking councils


The Lounge

Despite how secretive they pretend to be, everyone knows where the lounge is. It's just that not many people are allowed in. Quite like the proper division headquarters.
— Task Master at the Cuepopan Cuicacalli
  This group has no official name, yet everyone refers to it as the "Parlour" after the private lounge room located behind the common area of the girls' dorms. It is decorated in a sea theme with conch and fish sculptures adorning blue plastered walls; tables and chairs made of polished coral and bedecked with flowers of gemstones; and flowering saltwater plants that obscure fake windows.  

Lounge Key

The heavy wooden door that divides the common area and the lounge has a specially built-in locking mechanism that can be reconfigured according to the will of the key holder. The door to the lounge is opened and closed solely by the student leader, as only she can be given the prior combination (this is the key) from her predecessor and with which she can change it.   The act of opening the door, especially for the first time in a term, is perceived as a signal to gather among the members as once the door is closed behind, it will not open again until the student leader is done to let everyone out. The lock consists of a trick panel on the door front where the person inserts her hand(s) to hide which internal wheels she chooses to turn. Through a certain political clout the Otomies were allowed to install this door so that not even normal school staff could enter.


Captives of the Wight War

Most Tinge prisoners captured after the end of the war were not sacrificed as was custom. That is because most of them were children who rode along inside their coven homes to assist the witch drivers. Instead, they were eventually married into the sang nobility to gain their knowledge of the tinge salt spells.   But before they meant their marriable fate, some were first educated in their new master's language in the House of Song of the Cuepopan Campa. These girls were encouraged to interact with their new peers, but as could be expected, they also coalesced together in private. In a bid to disway suspicion, they invited a few of their closest Sang friends, and through them, did the larger society gain some insight into tinge salt spells.  

Otōntin Sponsorship

When this first generation of tinge citizens married and settled into their roles. A few were honored in joining the K'ayib Otomies with their sang friends and growing connections. With this smooth integration, the founding group used their minor political pull to promote sang ideals and support special considerations for their first home in Sangsalgu Proper.

Demography and Population

Parlour members are select females of cuepopan's cuicacalli's students. And as with all cuicacalli, their students are invited all throughout Sangsalgu for showing gifted aptitude in their respective skills.


The parlour views as its duty to search far and wide for accessible applicants into its group. Therefore, there are certain elements in the state's schooling administration that have an eye out for above average recruits. Even before the attendee comes to know of the parlour's existence.



K'ayib Otomies freely and happily train any age appropriate girl in the basics of archery, even for those who are not nobles and have no chance of joining them.  

Salt Practitioners

If a student is talented enough, or lucky enough, to attend a cuicacalli especially if they are a woman; then they likely have already displayed plenty of renown in casting salt spells. In addition, the cuepopan cuicacalli is best known for producing some of the best iztanamacaque who are then incorporated into special units of the state military.


Cuepopan Cuicacalli

A cuicacalli is a higher-end school where a few of the Calmecacs and Telpochcallis graduates are invited to attend. Additionally, several rich families may also opt to skip Calmecacs or Telpochcallis and enroll their children directly into a cuicacalli for the full the duration of their formal education.   Students are trained in war, with intense rivalry forming between different academies that often led to fights. While noble cuicacalli graduates regularly find opportunities in the various military societies, there are several professions open to the others that eventually shift their social status to non-working-class men that include priests, bureaucrats, and doctors.   Girls who display particular aptitude for salt spells and have expressed desire to fight for the state are granted special scholarships to attend the nearest cuicacalli to their home. There, they participate in the same class as boys and are put on a fast track through the military after graduation.



Otomies, as part of their unique observances, train a contingent of noble women in the use of bows for ceremonial services in rites that involve precise arrow volleys to slay sacrificial victims. These women may not actively participate in the Parlour but the do occasionally give tours to their Otomitl headquarters and seminars specifically to this student group.  

Cuepopan Cuicacalli

Within the cuepopan House of Song, is one of many lounge areas that double as classroom and recreation area in the cuicacalli. Students are in general taught ceremonial songs, cosmology and military tactics. To girls who were invited through a salt scholarship, they take practice with a Master iztanamacaque in addition to their regular class load.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Speaking Council

There are many speaking councils that sprung from the many campan that make up the capital. They are a loose group of intellectuals with unofficial political pull for particular governmental decisions and issues. The idea spread whereby many people without affiliation express their views, so many Parlour members from the Strategic and Tributary provinces join those councils as well.  


Otomies specialize in projectile warfare and are the smallest military order that is so well known. They also train a contingent of noble women in the use of bows for ceremonial services in sacrificial rites that involve precise arrow volleys to slay the victim. Many k'ayib otomies give special attention to Parlour member because they were either a member themselves once or wish to influence speaking councils through them.

Educational, Society
Alternative Names
K'ayib Calpolli
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths



Given that those not of the Parlour (even nuns and female priests) were not allowed entrance, by the backing of Otomies' authority; scurrilous claims began to be spread by jealous peers and accentuated by talebearers and sometimes the priesthood itself.

Hidden Spells

It has been speculated that that first Parlour generation, both the Tinged and sang girls, conspired to withhold certain spells for themselves.   It is also believed that the Parlour continues to be a place of intellectual discussion and development of new spells outside of the administration's involvement.

Concealed Room

Cuepopan is one of those campan that is partially built on land and partially on water. It is from this fact that the student body bases the idea of a secret level under the lounge's floor, where who-knows-what goes on.


Spying Accusations

It can be reasonably asserted that former Parlour members are stretched across the empire and so are vulnerable as an arm to the hostile outsiders like the Shadow Guard or the Corn Court; or as an information provider for internal rivals.

Special Services

Since many of its members are thought to possess unique talents, then by reason, they must be able to provide unique deliveries.   These have ranged from paint mixing to tattooing; from textile weaving to spell crafting; from growing rare plants to concocting potions.


Similarly, it is supposed that if they could provide certain skills to the right people, then they could conceivably exchange that for forbidden or illegal merchandise.

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