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Wightery is the study of the dynamic motions that result between the interaction of bark salt and blood sap found in the Blood Wood.


War Time Use

Vehicle | Jan 18, 2021
A lightweight rapid attack vehicle that is most commonly utilized by tinge men to aid in their labours.
Vehicle | Mar 12, 2021
A standard home to many who live within the many coven trains patrolling the marshes.
The Tepeua
Vehicle | Jan 18, 2021
A one-of-a-kind heavy assault vehicle that never quite reached its intended purpose.
Wight War
Military Conflict | Jan 18, 2021

Home Use

Farming Aid
Wightery is most commonly used to make the labour force that tend to Place of Orbit's food growing needs.
Aid the Elderly
Wights also form part of the personal attendants to the female population in the Brine Marshes.   They are more commonly seen helping the old and the infirm with day-to-day tasks.

As Medical Treatment

Specialized witches are able to graft salt preserved limbs onto a person's stump and sync it to obey that person's mental commands.
Paralysis Management
In the event someone is hit hard enough as to impair their movement; a hardened paste can be stapled between the affected area and the spine that uses the same principles to reenable motor functions.


Funeral Rights

Wights are, at least partially, made from Tinged funeral rights involving
  1. Dunk in the brine waters before placing them in pods of animal skin decorated with tassels, shells and bird bones.
  2. Then the bodies are hung from a Blood Wood where sap and salt seep inside
    • this is to slowly revitalize the salted muscles and form a closed circuit that is manipulable to a witch's teotl
  3. Leave for a period of about one year
  4. Next, carry the pod to a channeling point at the center of a minimum of 5 seasoned witches (one at each limb) to revitalize the sap-salt mixture soaked into the muscles.
    • If at any point, part of a muscle group sloughed off, then the limb attached to it is unusable
  5. From this point, the wight will stand upright on its own and will follow the movements of the witch it is tied to.

Ethnicity | Apr 14, 2021
Access & Availability
Several attempts are being made to reverse engineer wightery techniques.
  • Bark Salt
  • Blood Sap
  • Brine-preserved corpse
  • Salt Practitioner
Unbidden, a blood wood tree¬†moves to its on whims. The result of a repetitive, pulsing reaction between the bloody sap inside the tree and the salty bark that covers it outside.   The same theory of movement that dictates the motions of the coven legs and thistles; also affords the range of motion of the human body.
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