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League Electrum

League electrum is a specific formulation of pale electrum alloy which is only found in mines in and around Triple Mesa in the Free Faces League.


Geology & Geography

By definition, League electrum originates in mines found only in Free Faces League territory. The reason for League electrum's remarkably consistent elemental content is not known, but this content also serves as a way to distinguish genuine League electrum from counterfeit alloy; the proportion of gold and silver is a matter of public knowledge, but the proportion of copper and other trace elements are not well known outside of the League treasury and appraisers at mining sites.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

As a unique mineral product of the Free Faces League, League electrum is an important source of cultural inspiration for League citizens in addition to being a source of economic prosperity. League electrum inlays frequently adorn the parade uniform accoutrements of high-ranking League Army officers. The distinct pale gold of League electrum turns up in prominent political symbols (such as the official seal of the League Senate). The pale 'flying cube layers' on the Free Faces League standard are the color of League electrum imitated in cloth; on fancier versions of the standard, actual alloy foil is incorporated into the cloth to heighten the effect. Finally, League electrum leaf is sometimes added to artistic works (such as paintings) as a means of adding gloss or reflective highlights; it is often seen to symbolize the 'vibrant individuality of the Leaguesman' by art critics when employed in this manner.
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Trade & Market

In general, League electrum is rarely traded with outsiders in its raw form; this is done as a way of artificially inflating the value of the genuine alloy. Instead, approximations of League electrum are formulated from purer gold and silver or, alternatively, the components of this imitation alloy are traded individually as commodities.   The most notable exception to the trade rules which apply to League electrum is that it can be traded to the Navigator's Guild in limited quantities in exchange for the Guild servicing official government contracts. Because Navigator's Guild Credits are made from alloys with origins throughout the Manifold as a physical token of impartiality, a tiny portion of League electrum is involved in the creation of new NCG.

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