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The Garbage Man

Cyrus Auberon Vinge (a.k.a. The Garbage Man)

If the Creator refuses to clean up this accursed refuse-world, then I will do it for him.
— The Garbage Man
  The Garbage Man (formerly known as Cyrus Auberon Vinge) the highest-ranking member of the 125 Hands. The Garbage Man is an Elovisian citizen of the Commonwealth of C who was psychologically twisted by the disaster that befell his native Tartagloam during the War of Reunification. He embodies a dangerous combination of misanthropy, madness, and the unnatural power to shift objects across dimensions at will.

Divine Domains

Travel, Chaos; Retribution

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Garbage Man is tall, lean, and toned, though only of average musculature for a human man of his age.

Facial Features

Years of sleeplessness and emotional turmoil have taken a toll on The Garbage Man's visage. Although the green irises of his eyes glow with intensity, his eyes are sunken and dark-ringed, the wrinkled bags beneath them blending with his creased, pockmarked cheeks. His lips are always held firm, as though in quiet umbrage at whatever he's seeing, though his nose and mouth are often concealed by a dust resipirator.

Identifying Characteristics

The Garbage Man's back is covered with a large tattoo depicting 125 black hands spiraling outward in concentric layers, a more extensive and ornate version of the 125 Hands logo. The hands are colored in with tiny runic script, rather than solid color, which details the current sum of his 'revealed knowledge' about the nature of the Manifold as dictated by him to his personal tattoo artist.

Physical quirks

An imposing figure, The Garbage Man walks with the absolute confidence of a man who does not fear death in any circumstance. He practices maintaining a bold posture to intentionally inspire fear in others, as he finds that this, coupled with displays of his unusual power, is often enough to dissuade opponents from resisting him.

Special abilities

The Garbage Man is believed to be the only human being who is capable of pulling things (including himself) from one cube layer to another without recourse to travel through inflection layers or commissures. Evidence suggests that he will always appear in roughly the same cube region as the one he just left. This has led to speculation that he is, in fact, the only human being to exist in more than three dimensions, perhaps even being capable of striding across all five known spatial dimensions without any apparent effort.   The Garbage Man appears to be able to 'gift' other objects in his immediate vicinity with his ability, causing volumes of matter to spontaneously shift from one cube layer to another (swapping places with any material at the equivalent destination volume) with calamitous results. A cuboid chunk of a skyscraper, for example, being shifted into the air over a populated village fairground would likely result of the deaths of many fair-goers, everyone inside the chunk of skyscraper, and anyone unfortunate enough to have been halfway into the shifted area of space when the shift occurred. Similarly, The Garbage Man could conceivably use this to move hazardous materials into vulnerable locations without needing to handle the material itself (as was the case when he stole the Menger Catalyst from the research complex in Vianne Tributaries).

Apparel & Accessories

The Garbage Man wears the green jumpsuit, rubberized black work gloves, rubberized black coveralls, and steel-toed boots of a waste management worker in all his appearances.

Specialized Equipment

While The Garbage Man does possess powers beyond those of normal three-dimensional beings, he remains a creature of flesh and blood. Therefore, he is often seen wearing a dust respirator, goggles, and five panel cap to protect him from unforeseen environmental conditions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cyrus A. Vinge was born in 9952 in the Commonwealth city of Tartagloam, the eldest of three children. At sixteen, Cyrus met his girlfriend, Freia Love, through his classes at Tartagloam High.


Cyrus has always had a knack for mathematics and spatial reasoning. He used his gifts to excel in primary school and was considering either acquiring a degree in mathematics or joining the Navigator's Guild upon the completion of his studies - until the Siege of Tartagloam put an end to his ambitions.


The Garbage Man took the title for himself because, at the time of the destruction of Tartagloam, he worked mornings before his classes as a municipal sanitation worker. In the Manifold, where careful recycling and reprocessing of waste is a matter of serious economic importance, 'garbage men' serve a valued role in society. Cyrus had considered the possibility of joining a hazardous-condition salvage reclamation company, using his mathematical acumen and experience as a garbage man to boost reprocessing yields.

Mental Trauma

During the Siege of Tartagloam in the year 9970 AR, Cyrus' parents, brother, sister and fiance all died as the result of Voxelian bombardment and the subsequent meltdown of the local polymer plant. The trauma of this incident would break Cyrus' faith in the House of the Unexpected, leading to his conversion to an extremist sect of Forgism. He joined the 125 Hands to get bloody satisfaction for the wrongs the Manifold had inflicted on his people. Eventually, as his faith deepened, he developed a case of Folded Hands Syndrome, during which he awoke to his unique power and shed his original name. Now, the Garbage Man uses his powers in service of his vengeance.

Morality & Philosophy

Like all members of the 125 Hands, The Garbage Man is a cynic and a nihilist. Motivated primarily by vengeance, The Garbage Man's philosophy revolves around a sense of personal justice that most would find extreme.

Personality Characteristics


While The Garbage Man has been seen in many unsavory environments, he is surprisingly meticulous about his own personal hygiene. When encountered, The Garbage Man often smells faintly of ozone, rubber, and lemon zest, though never to an unpleasant degree.



Because of his exposure to harsh aerosols during the Siege of Tartagloam, The Garbage Man's deep voice has a distinctive, gravelly quality; like with many Siege survivors, this is a known symptom of mild polymer lung.   The Garbage Man is fond of nihilistic philosophical musings and edgy, cynical remarks which serve to demoralize opponents. At the same time, when discussing his ongoing mission to "overthrow the Manifold itself," The Garbage Man takes on a more proselytizing tone, encouraging any who show a weakness in this regard (i.e. disaffection with the status quo) to join his cause to "seek (one's own) justice."


Felix Tanis

Best Friend (Important)

Towards The Garbage Man



The Garbage Man

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Felix Tanis




After Felix quit the Register Cam Dogs, he sought out and joined the 125 Hands as a way of rebelling against the ingratitude of his peers. While he lacked the level of personal trauma Cyrus had to endure, he shared the man's zeal. As a celebrity, Felix wasn't overawed by the ability of The Garbage Man and was able to relate to Cyrus as a fellow 'overburdened man of the public sphere.'

Nicknames & Petnames

Felix is one of the only people who The Garbage Man allows to call him Cyrus.

The Garbage Man

Leader (Important)

Towards Greggor Rudd



Greggor Rudd

Lieutenant (Important)

Towards The Garbage Man




Greggor believes firmly in the cause of The Garbage Man and his 125 Hands. Though The Garbage Man regards Greggor as a blunt instrument on the battlefield, he sympathizes immensely with the man's personal struggle in the wake of their shared trauma in Tartagloam. In some ways, The Garbage Man regards Rudd as an adoptive son.

The Garbage Man

Haunted (Trivial)

Towards The White-Haired Gentleman



The White-Haired Gentleman

Haunter (Important)

Towards The Garbage Man



125 Hands Deedmark by BCGR_Wurth
Divine Classification
Multidimensional Entity
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
9952 48 Years old
Current Residence
Green (glowing irises)
Brown (messy)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruddy pink
224 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Intelligent and well-traveled, The Garbage Man speaks all humanoid languages currently spoken in the Manifold.

Ruled Locations
by Hero Forge

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