Dimensional Shift

The Garbage Man is the only known individual capable of moving three-dimensional matter across the additional spatial dimensions of the Manifold Sky without recourse to commissures or inflection layers. He variously calls this ability dimensional shift or, more informally, the act of 'pushing' the volume of space he would like to move.


With a gesture, The Garbage Man can cause a cube of matter up to 15 feet on a side (or around 3357 cubic feet of contiguous matter) within around 120 feet of himself to spontaneously exchange it's spatial coordinates with a similarly-shaped volume of matter with a different 'u' or 'v' coordinates.
In other words, while the 'x' (east/west), 'y' (north/south), and 'z' (up/down) coordinates of the matter he choses to use this ability on remains the same (i.e. it appears in the same three-dimensional location within the layer, the object moves from a different cube, cube layer, or even tesseract to replace whatever was there before.   For example, Assume The Garbage Man chose to 'push' a block of ferrite from the Eiquereus Craglands into the air over an oncoming Coalition tank in Tartagloam, intending to crush the tank or block it's egress.
Inter-Layer Coordinate System by BCGR__Wurth
He would make a gesture, and the cube of ferrite would be cleanly cut away from existence in the Craglands, reappearing a moment later in the exact same location it once was (relative to the cube layer on which it originally lay), but in Tartagloam.At the same time, a similar volume of Tartagloam smog would disappear from air over the tank, reappearing moments later in the cube-shaped void the block of ferrite once occupied.   Once initiated, a dimensional shift occurs regardless of any physical connections objects in the selected volumes of space have to their surrounding environment - with potentially devastating results. For example, The Garbage Man could chose to dimensionally shift a cube of space containing the support elements of a bridge or building, causing that structure to collapse in on itself. In one particularly grisly example, during the operation to divert emergency services from the Vianne Tributaries Research Facility so that the 125 Hands could steal the Menger Catalyst, The Garbage Man used his dimensional shift ability to evulse Baurus Noventi's left arm, simply replacing it with dry air from Dorsal C.  


It should be noted that, while dimensional shifting is an extraordinarily useful and dangerous power in the hands of The Garbage Man and his goons in the 125 Hands, the power is known to have several limits. While The Garbage man is known to have some sort of 'sixth sense' regarding the preseince of objects in the adjacent physical spaces created by the Manifold's five-dimensional geometry, he might not know to look in these places for useful targets of his dimensional shift ability unless he has prior knowledge. Similarly, The Garbage Man must be able to percieve a target - or at least be able to make an educated guess of it's location - in order to affect it. Finally, the power of dimensional shifting has a limited range, with The Garbage Man having never demonstrated the ability to affect objects beyond around 120 feet away.  
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As an example of these limitations, consider a sealed wooden crate full of valuable gold bars. The Garbage man could easily move the crate with his dimensional shifting ability, but he would not inherently known that the crate contained the gold bars and, therefore, would be unlikely to simply teleport them out of it to supplement his own wealth. At the same time, there is limited evidence that, at the moment of a push, The Garbage Man can 'sense' the mass of an object as it switches position with another object; in this regard, after dimension shifting the crate the first time, he might immediately retrieve it to investigate the unusual density he felt within.

Side/Secondary Effects

One little-known secondary effect of a dimensional shift is the production of a tiny amount of a mysterious mineral powder - known as Absinthite, after the liquor, for its diaphenous, greenish appearance - around the perimeter of a volume of space affected by the power. Only The Garbage Man himself, Miko Slaus-Braun, and a few agents of the Voxelian Bards-Recursant have noticed this effect, and experiments are ongoing with regard to the the source of the substance and any utility it might hold.


The Garbage Man is said by members of the 125 Hands to have 'discovered' the power of dimensional shifting while exposed to the 'knowledge of the cosmos' during his formative bout of Folded Hands Syndrome. The Garbage Man himself suspects that the power might be some sort of gift from the ever-elusive White-Haired Gentleman, a (likely hallucinatory) specter of a man who died during the Siege of Tartagloam and who has been 'haunting' him in visions ever since his post-Syndrome 'rebirth' as The Garbage Man.
The White-Haired Gentleman by Artbreeder
Cyrus A. Vinge by Artbreeder
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Material Components
The Garbage Man appears to need no material implements to use his dimensional shift ability. However, he may use any knowledge he has about the geography and contents of a region to inform his use of the ability. For example, if The Garbage Man knows that a volume of liquid chemicals he is trying to shift is volatile in nature (i.e. biodiesel), he can make sure to call his men away from the 'splash zone' before he shifts it into the area.
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
Approximately 2.5 seconds/shift
120' (measured in the x, y, and z dimensions only)
Unknown (unique)

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