30 Fenet 6441

I don't remember much of the voyage from Bán Ródh. The weather during much of it was abysmal- all keening wind and thunder- once the warm Eimhiran waters gave way to the colder embrace of northern tides... And as I woefully learned early on in our adventure, ocean travel makes me terribly seasick; I admit it was a relief when the án Ghail finally left the great rolling ocean behind, and made it safely into port at Saethar'Kori.
— From the journal of Finnán Catanach, Artisan; 6348
Saleh'Alire is a custom world setting designed for use with the 5th Edition of the Table Top Roleplaying Game known as Dungeons and Dragons; while designed for adventure and exploration games first, it's capable of hosting a variety of campaigns independently, across multiple eras and technology levels.   As a setting Saleh'Alire attempts to reimagine, expand upon, and unify the standard lore- all while still maintaining the flavor and feel of Dungeons and Dragons throughout its various iterations.
Much of the foundation information of Dungeons and Dragons- such as Races, Planes, Gods, and so on- will be easily recognizable from the Core books released over the years. Nearly all of the Dungeons and Dragons material presented here, however, has been extensively modified in order to expand on available lore, and adapt it to the setting... Other content has been specifically homebrewed for the Saleh'Alire setting, and are my own creations- or has been adapted from the homebrewed content of others who've been kind enough to share their amazing work.


As a D&D TTRPG setting, Saleh'Alire draws inspiration from a number of real world historical eras- including several Ancient Civilizations, the multifaceted Medieval Period, the long Italian Renaissance, and even the Golden Age of Piracy.   Fantasy genres haven't been left out, either; a little sprinkle of Steampunk, a hint of Powderpunk, and even a small dash of Aetherpunk all mingle together against a GreyCore backdrop of High Fantasy.


There is no major historic time period that Saleh'Alire could be compared to in the real world... Instead, each race of Saleh'Alire has its own unique level of technology, and some regions (and races) are much more developed than others.   The result is a world in where players can easily move from an Ancient Civilization to a Gunpowder one, before jetting off to a Clockwork city or a floating island- all according to their own interests / needs.


The most obvious genres for Saleh'Alire campaigns are High Magic and Sword & Sorcery- or sandbox type Exploration & Adventure themed campaigns that include trappings of both of the above.   With plenty of room to explore, however, is has the potential to include many more; Heroic, Dark Fantasy, High Seas, Gods & Demons, Espionage & Subterfuge, and even a little weird, are also good thematic fits for the setting.

As of right now, two campaigns actively take place in the world of Saleh'Alire: Into the Wilds (following the escapades of Mala'kai, Ceiba, Aneirin, Shael, Aethel, and Baelfire), and Wildfire Rising (a solo campaign focused the outcast Zuri Golzar). Both campaigns take place on the continent of Tolara, in separate areas of the little explored Talaina'Vao region, and are expected to run levels 4 through 20 using the 5th Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG.  

The Seeker's Blessing

Into the Wilds

Wildfire Rising

  Prior to these campaigns, another much shorter campaign (The Seeker's Blessing) took place on the same continent, in the great trade city of Saethar'Kori, in Tolara's Gwyn Tira'Kie region. Several oneshots have also taken place in Saleh'Alire since its inception- including one in Rusatar, and another in Castrillis; each followed a different group of characters, though none of them were ever fully completed.

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  1. Phetian
  2. Nom'ythians
    • Fae
      • Changeling
      • Dryad
      • Siren
    • Elves
      • Timber
      • Marine
      • Winged
      • Ethereal
      • Shadow
      • Solar
      • Lunar

  3. Ayenians
    • Genasi
      • Fire
      • Water
      • Earth
      • Air
    • Humans
      • Avi
      • Sari
      • Casti
      • Fereni
      • Ileri
      • Enethi
      • Tameri

  4. Sa'avians
    • Canines
    • Felines
    • Avians
    • Bovines
    • Draconics

  5. Extraplanars
    • Celestials
    • Fiends
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  1. Planes
    • Material
    • Elemental
    • Feywild
    • Astral
    • Shadowfell
    • Ethereal
    • Liminal
    • Celestial
    • Abyss

  2. Continents
  3. Miscellaneous
    • Othaeciona
    • Roshani Prelecta
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  1. Wars
    • Av'hena War
    • Dragon Wars
    • Kadenazi War
    • Red Schism
    • The Cleansing
    • White War
    • Amatis War

  2. Battles
    • Siege of Greibaurum
    • Battle of Glimmering Hill

  3. Holidays
    • Festival of the Winter Sun
    • Lighting of the Bales
    • Festival of the Hidden Moon
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  1. Militaries
    • Phy'ithian Legion
    • Asanari Grera
    • Celestial Knights

  2. Mercenaries
    • Sons of Argos
      • Red Sons
      • Black Sons
    • Vanguard
    • Hawk's Eye
    • Seven Dancing Veils
    • Varangian Guard
    • Storm Crows
      • Eastern Storm Crows
      • Western Storm Crows
    • Hands of Mercy
    • Black Company
    • Khloris Korydon
    • Crusaders
    • Al-Saweda

  3. Guilds
    • Priest
    • Mage
    • Flaconer
    • Artisan
    • Merchant
    • Explorer
    • Shadow

  4. Traders
    • Sal'Hea Maritime Supply Company
    • Tiger Trade Corporation
    • Highsong Trade
    • Royal Trade and Supply
    • Blackwood
    • Four Corners

  5. Brewers
    • Gaeldra Orchard & Brewery
    • Wanderlust Brewing Company

  6. Religions
    • Material
      • The Narrators
      • Anve'Reldende Elara
      • Gera Dorskii
      • Cult of An'hang
      • Aniei Na Diwa
      • Vue' a'Hara
      • Fae'tora
      • Sandrine
    • Extraplanar
      • Devas
      • Devis
      • Old Ones
      • Archfey
      • Titans

  7. Orders
    • Fellowship of the Star
    • Order of the Bloodhunters
      • Silver Grasp
      • Ivory Ghost
      • Knights Profane
      • Dawnfist
      • Jade Legion
      • Crimson Blade
      • Hounds of the North

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  1. Campaign Primers
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    Campaign Brief

  3. Wildfire Rising
    Campaign Brief

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