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The History of Saleh'Alire

How it came to be, and what inspired me

Saleh'Alire is, perhaps, the world that I'm most well known for despite having others that I'm far more proud of. It's been featured in World Anvil promotional videos and many streams, and even been the topic of an interview on World Anvil Radio; its CSS has been praised. Its writing has been praised. It formatting has been praised. And its received nearly critical acclaim from the World Anvil community as a whole- or at least it was / did before I nuked the entire setting in order to fix egregious errors leftover from its original iterations... So what is it, and how did it start?  

Humble Beginnings

Growing up, Dungeons and Dragons had been a huge part of my teenage years, spending summers several cities over with my friends; I started playing when I was roughly 13 years old, around 2003- but fell out of playing when I fell out with that friend group around 2010... When Critical Role aired in 2015, however, I started playing again.   My Husband had minimal exposure to the game in his youth (by way of one wholly negative experience). He was intriqued, but had no idea what I found so interesting about it. Without any other way to explain it, in 2017 I finally made him watch an episode of Critical Role- explaining everything the best I could as the episode went on.   He was hooked the second he saw Travis Willingham playing, and decided he wanted to play himself after writing it off for so long... With extreme social anxiety, however, he didn't feel comfortable playing alone with people he didn't know. So we started looking for games that we could play in together as a couple on Role 20. Sadly we were unsuccessful in finding one that not only fit for us, but also worked with our incredibly limited time schedule; we either didn't care for the groups themselves, or the story they were telling.   After nearly six months with no luck (and one failed campaign)... In a minor fit of madness brought on purely by the love I have for my Husband... I decided to DM a game for him instead. Thus Saleh'Alire was born... Sort of.
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