Saleh'alire Martova Timeline


  • 1 Jenethi 0
    Beginning of Known Time

    The first date of known time according to the Tihagi Calendar.

  • 875 Unknown
    Ayenian Migration
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Ayeni arrive from the Elemental Plane, {reason pending}

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  • 920 Unknown
    Dragon Slaughter
    Military action

    Fearful of repeating persecuton from the First Dragon War of the Feywilds, the Nom'Yth begin hunting the True Dragon refugees in the material plane.

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  • 932 Unknown
    Second Dragon War
    Military action

    The Second Dragon War officially begins in the Material Plane

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  • 1254 Unknown
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Phet use the Soul Forges to create the first Warforged in an effort to aid the Nom'Yth in the Dragon Wars

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  • 1425 Unknown
    New Dragons
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Realizing they need more powerful creatures to defeat the Chromatic Dragons, the Phet use the Soul Forges once again to create the first Metallic Dragons

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  • 6033

    19 /6

    21 /6

    Battle of Glimmering Hill
    Military action

    By midyear in 6033, the Legions of Queen Nenryn e'ta Usathi had nearly completed the Cleansing and were camped along the border of Olienn in the Edoas region, awaiting their orders. Soon Olienn would belong solely to the Elves- or so they thought; shortly after First Breath, before the Phy'ithi could begin their advances, a Genasi's Guerilla force launched a massive preemptive strike against the Legion- defeating them in a decisive battle that became known as The Battle of Glimmering Hill

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