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Journals of Zuri Golzar

A Chronical of Self Discovery

Written by Zuri Golzar during her travels, the collection of diaries begins with her exile from her home village of Anapata in the Chisisi Desert; though poor in construction quality, and incomplete, they provide a unique and otherwise unseen insight into the life of Ilerians whenever they fail to meet their culture's harsh expectations.   Nearly all of the journals are crudely made from a variety of animal skins, loose-leaf paper, and other materials that have been dated to many times and locations. This suggests that Zuri Golzar may have made many (if not all) of the journals herself throughout the course of her adventures in Tolara.   The covers themselves are made from thick, poorly worked hide, with rough diamond tooling in their centers, while corners have been wrapped with slightly thicker layers of leather to prevent damage. Inside pages are extensively damaged, however; stains, waterlogging, dirt, and plenty of unidentifiable substances have rendered some pages unreadable- and age has contributed significantly to the fading of the low quality ink used throughout much of the journals.
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1 Sarnathi 6440 - ?   Authors
Zuri Golzar


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