Bulletin in Saleh'Alire | World Anvil

City Notice

Marca 6441

Championship Battle


Vandic Mountains
6 foot | 180 lbs
Double Kopesh

Vyrsag Xara

Hiatal Mountains
6' 3" | 280 lbs
Double Shorts
Last Light 1 Marca

Nisaba Pass

  Harpies on West Side particularly upset this season. If traveling that direction take extra precaution; night travel likely safest  

— L-Capt. Lipsev,
Western Storm Crows


Imperial Family No Longer Homeless

By official decree of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Nhiliara e'ta Za'vaed, construction on the Palace of the Imperial Family in Zebeylin e't Charith announced complete on 1 Jenethi 6441; Imperial Moon Gardens still under way- expected completion by 6525 at latest.

Stay vigilant

  Large beast on rampage, destroyed buildings in Lodhi and Keskala- 1 week's journey east of Wildroad intersection.   Be vigilant if traveling that direction.  

— Capt. Othalene,
Varangian Guard




Quality & Quantity


Contact Aidlar Mukku at Harpy's Head Tavern, first terrace

Highsong Trade caravan traveling to Port Chara'Huyan- stopping at Agdrimis, Ginlin's Point, Eralli, Daan, and Berico. Searching for up to 10 well trained and equipped non-mercenary guards for accompaniment.  

Pays 1 gold per week per guard. Contact Tivra Sasipara at the Broken Coin Inn, 2nd Terrace

Don’t trust the stock over at Olulf's Arsenal. He's been buying his metal from shady sources. Try Jayan Narmada on first terrace instead; shop name's Kaveri.

Old News

Her Highness Amayla e'Awenath, Princess Royal of Eris'ka, came of age 8 Sarnathi 6440; ball held in her honor at Royal Palace; atendees included the likes of Lady Quar'Drani, House e’Teasam, and a mysterious Castrillian diplomat with full entourage and gifts— Noble climate remains abuzz with rumours of a scandalous courtship.
Son dropped family sword in well, Rothshield, sixth terrace... Could use help retrieving it.

— Ciroc Rian

Local Wizard trying to open public library. Could use funds and magic books; please deliver book donations to Arcane Arts, second terrace.

— Arcanist Lani Devlyn

Carpetbagger roaming housing terrace in Rothshield seems intent on pawning weird orb off on residents. Don't take it- likely a trick!

— Vemery Remundor