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Identified by a deep blue grey color, and its bright iridescent silver sheen, Demiterium is often colloquially called names such as Corrupted Mithral. This is because the metal is a closely a related, but incredibly rare, alloy of Mithral- typically occuring in the few rare spaces where Platinum and Mithral veins meet.  


  Demiterium is mined extensively by the Dwarves in nearly every mountain range on the planet where Mithral can be found. The largest deposits discovered so far, however, are found in the Athdran-Lachill Mountains in modern day Di'kae Milona- a teritory controlled entirely by the Caenala'Vian Elves.  

Common Uses

  Where Mithral can be used to make a wide range of items of often magical natures, the value of Demiterium comes from its innate ability to suppress Arcane powers of all types; those who wear items made from the metal, are contained entirely within something made of it, cannot use or access the Weave in any capacity. This makes it a common component in the production of shackles, jail cells, walls, safes, and other areas and objects where magical abilities must either be limited or completely suppressed.
Item type
Raw Material   Rarity
Extremely Rare   Prices
50 PP / lb
For this reason, in the world of Saleh'Alire- and perhaps across the entirety of the Realms- Demiterium is easily worth ten times its weight in Platinum compared to any other metal. Especially since mining it is often incredibly dangerous and must therefore be done traditionally, without the aid of magic.

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