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Tome of Abyssal Familiars

A Mysterious Extraplanar Grimoire

Bound in dark purple Human leather, the cover has an odd and almost disconcerting texture to it. Each of its corners is capped with gold metal decorated with ornate scroll designs- while a large triangular shaped plate of gold sits in the center of the book's cover, engraved with the image of a rose; two stiff leather straps with gold buckles hold the book closed at its top and bottom on the unbound side.   Opening the book, the page edges all appear to be gilded... The first few pages consist of a Loving dedication to the books intended reader. Moving through the book, however, every first page contains a series of complex but mostly decorative illustrations surrounding what looks like a single large arcane rune- while each of the rune's opposing pages contains a series of text written in Abyssal; several pages are covered in unknown stains- some darker, some lighter, and some which look a little uncomfortably like blood.   A number of cloth bookmarks dyed in dark purple and gold can be seen sticking out from various sections of the book. Turning to these sections will reveal smaller pieces of loose parchment containing additional notes in Abyssal, appearing to be a variety of small love poems, information on the benefits of the creature the Rune contains, and suggestions of certain familiars the author thinks the intended reader may find particularly interesting.
Item type
Book / Document   Rarity
Priceless   Author
11 in / 28 cm long
8 in / 20 cm wide
4 in / 10 cm thick

Cover image: Manuscript by Sam Moqadam
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I absolutely love getting feedback on my setting and its worldbuilding. I love it even more when people poke and prod at it, and ask questions about the things I've built within it. I want both. I actively encourage both. And it makes me incredibly giddy whenever I get either. However, there's a time and a place for critique in particular- mostly when I've actually asked for it (which usually happens in World Anvil's discord server). And when I do ask for critique, there are two major things I politely request that you do not include in your commentary:   ➤ The first is any sort of critique on the way I've chosen to organize or format something; Saleh'Alire is not a narrative world written for reader enjoyment... It's is a living campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. To that end, it's written and organized for my players and I, specifically for ease of use during gameplay- and our organization needs are sometimes very different than others'. They are especially diferent, often-times, from how things "should be organized" for reader enjoyment.   ➤ Secondly, is any critique about sentence phrasing and structure, word choice, and so on; unless you've specifically found a typo, or you know for a provable fact I've blatantly misued a word, or something is legitimately unclear explicitly because I've worded it too strangely? Then respectfully: Don't comment on it; as a native English speaker of the SAE dialect, language critique in particular will almost always be unwelcome unless it's absolutely necessary. This is especially true if English is not you first language to begin with. My native dialect is criticized enough as it is for being "wrong", even by fellow native English speakers ... I really don't want to deal with the additional linguistic elitism of "formal english" from Second-Language speakers (no offense intended).   That being said: If you want to ask questions, speculate, or just ramble? Go for it! I love talking about my setting and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, or entertain any thoughts about it. Praise, of course, is always welcome too (even if it's just a casual "this is great", it still means a lot to authors)- and if you love it, please don't forget to actually show that love by liking it and sharing it around. Because I genuinely do enjoy watching people explore and interact with my setting, and ask questions about it, and I'd definitely love to hear from you... Just be respectful about it, yeah?

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Dec 3, 2020 20:10 by R. Dylon Elder

You're writing really sucked me in here. I found myself at the end article like, woah, that was fast. Not because of its length but the writing was easy to read and thus the reader along. The book itself is definitely well done. If theres purple, I'm probably gonna love it, but every detail just adds to my interest. Well done. It really seems the book is something one shouldn't have... I mean human leather!

Dec 3, 2020 21:00 by Anna Katherina

Thank you! It was a gift for one of my players last campaign, who was playing a warlock and really loved his familiar. I'm glad to know it's appreciated by others just as much <3

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