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The Heron

A Mysteriously Disappearing / Reappearing Inn

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Oh, wow. Hi, lovely place you have here ... Never been here before. It’s kinda cozy … Could do with a fountain though. Love fountains. Anyone interested in buying a Quarterstaff by any chance? What about you, kid? A young, fresh-faced Adventurer such as yourself could surely use a Quarterstaff, eh?
— Shady Merchant Patron, upon discovering The Heron for the first time

From the outside, the Inn is quite small and unassuming: A rather squat, two story timber building with a single salvaged stone wall that seems left over from a prior construction. The double wooden doors at the front, however, are ornately carved and appear out of place with the simple construction of the rest of the establishment; there are no windows on the ground floor, though several with diamond patterned stained glass in soft hues appear to dot the second story from below. Meanwhile a gently swinging timber sign hangs above the doors, emblazoned with a Heron deeply inlaid into the sign; made from Sunstone, it has been enchanted to emit a soft and welcoming glow to those below.  

Heron Patrons

Roll the Dice
1Maasa. Male Orc; has tusks caped in gold that extend and curl off to the sides a bit.
2Birra. Female Avian Human; looks to be so ancient, with clothes out of date and worn, that it's possible they were in their own grave yesterday.
3Bold Knock on a Locked Door. Tabaxi Male; has a complicated, braided hairstyle that includes bells, beads, and random jewelry pieces.
4Vria. Male Ethereal Elf; shakes ever so slightly, like a tree in the wind, and jumps at every small noise.
5Pandita. Female Air Genasi; wears windchime-like jewelry that the gentle wind circling her makes dance.
6Celsor. Male Timber Elf; is playing a card game like Solitaire, but with no two cards being the same at all and there being at least 100 cards.
7Zalneya. Dragonborn Female; is shining a few odd scales that gleam and glow next to her normal and standard copper-colored ones.
8Romarta. Female Stout Halfling; wears chainmail with a plate breast emblazoned with a holy symbol, and an ornate sword on her hip. A small grey Terrier lays at her feet.
9Aza. Female Ferenian Human; is far too tall for a human, but it's mostly in her legs, so she has to sit awkwardly.
10Luka. Male Sireni; is altering a coat with precision, and is wearing a set of multi-lensed glasses to see their work better.
11Rakir. Aarakokra Male; looks like a Blue Jay and is wearing lots of leather.
12Warden Knere. Female Deep Dwarf; there's a pattern of unusual marks across the visible portions of her neck.
13Ebiria. Female Vestian Human; her clothing is made of very mismatched fabrics and styles that don't make sense together at all.
14Ekara. Male Earth Genasi; has a ruby in the center of his head that flickers with an internal flame like sparkle.
15Natasa. Female Goliath; has a very obvious prosthetic arm made of wood.
16Marus. Male Forest Gnome; is taking care of 3 kittens, feeding them some milk.
17Robian. Female Winged Elf; is altering a garment to wear with wings for the first time, and keeps pricking her fingers a lot while doing so. Has a mouth like a sailor on shore leave.
18Jamund. Male Ferenian Human; wears well worn clothing and carries a long knife at his hip. A worn leather adventuring backpack sits at his feet.
19Trados. Minotaur Male; is having a tough time with seating, and eventually decides the floor is the best option after a couple chairs get broken. Is very apologetic, but the staff wave him off and give him a free meal.
20Robin. Male Castrillian Human; seems to be rich in how he dresses, and is buttering up the staff with tall tales.
21Saphara and Trynnicus. Dragonborn couple; enjoying something non-alcoholic to drink together in a quiet, loving solitude.
22Sabrina. Female Lightfoot Halfling; has hair so long that it cascades well past her own height. She has to put it up into a series of braids that then get placed into a bun.
23Etta. Female Forest Gnome; seems to be having an argument with a squirrel (and is possibly loosing).
24Seung-Hai. Male Water Genasi; seems to be trying to hide in the corner while crying.
25Ursahi. Female Enethian Human; refuses to sit even though she has a cane and the staff are worried by how she shakes.
26Cedric. Beardless Male Mountain Dwarf; is playing a chess-like game that has pieces that start out crude but by the last piece are masterworks.
27Nurisha. Female Tamerian Human; is mixing very pungent spiced oil into her food. It causes your eyes to water half way across the room.
28Sige and Ahsun-Aya; Khenra Twins, one Male and one Female; they seem to be arguing over who gets to use which name name that day.
29Norrain. Female Shadow Elf; seems to be having an argument with her own shadow, and its pretty evenly matched.
30Malachi. Male Aasimar; seems to be deep in his thoughts as he stares into a full, untouched cup of Ale.
31Annika. Female Hill Dwarf; is telling a story to a group of patrons in a loud and joyful tone as she stands on a table. The staff doesn't seem amused.
32Arvastan. Male Sea Elf; is trying to convince the staff that they need to stop serving fish because they are smart and deserve respect.
33Haman. Female Fire Genasi; is bald, but steam seems to be constantly escaping her mouth and nostrils.
34Delsarin. Male Solar Elf; writing furiously in a journal while flipping through a separate book.
35Tuhlsi. Female Ilerian Human; is mumbling to herself as she organizes her plate of food by color, size, and shape. She constantly looks up and smiles at people, seemingly very anxious.
36Eva. Female Cavern Gnome; is wearing clothing all in a solid dusty pink color, covered with frills.
37Juren. Male Rock Gnome; has a pet goat who is leashed to his belt, and seems to be consuming more ale than any other patron currently.
38Lady Isolde. Tiefling Female; elaborately dressed, and currently polishing every last part of her Paladin's armor to a very bright sheen.
39Mauiari. Male Air Genasi; floats next to a table instead of sitting in a chair.
40Hader-Amasi. Male Enethian Human; is sharpening what seems to be a small armory of variously sized blades.
41Estasia. Female Sireni; is pacing around reciting lines from a play over and over again.
42Laris. Male Shadow Elf; seems to be laughing at nothing- and it's very loud, and sounds like a donkey.
43Kaledri. Female Lunar Elf; has a baby that they are desperately trying to feed. Judging by the orc tusks, however, it doesn't seem to be theirs.
44Sunlight on a Ruby River. Tabaxi Female; polishing a comically large Great Axe.
45Leyla. Female Rock Gnome; is putting together a tower of empty coffee cups, a look of serious concentration on her face.
46Haldine. Male Dryad; a series of differently sized and shaped potion bottles crowd the table in front of him- all full of various liquids.
47Mourin. Minotaur Female; preening in a hand mirror in a Look How Gorgeous My Horns Are kind of way- and they're beautifully decorated, in fact.
48Mia. Female Mountain Dwarf; seems to have just gotten in from a battle and is currently trying to stitch herself up (literally).
49Olwen. Male Vestian Human; is whining to the barkeep about their radish harvest that was decimated by dire rabbits. About half a dozen overly large rabbit feet hang off his belt.
50Volus. Male Lunar Elf; drunkenly dancing by himself near the left-side fireplace, humming a tune you cant hear very well.
51Etnea. Female Timber Elf; appears to be tuning an odd looking string instrument that seems to be fighting the changes being made to it.
52Arza. Male Goliath; is taking care of a very large dire wolf puppy that's in the biting stage- but can't break his skin, so its fine as long as no one else gets near.
53Yirrik; Aarakokra Female; Is trying to keep a couple eggs warm in a pack on the table. She looks like a Cardinal.
54Pha-Ling; Female Water Genasi; is praying over her meal in a very odd language. It goes on for a good half hour before she finally eats.
55Salmar. Male Sarian Human; is heavily intoxicated and trying to start a fight with a chair, a table, and even a coat rack.
56Ebroin. Male Deep Mountain Dwarf; is trying to fix a small Automaton, but only winds up with random new issues each time he thinks he's solved the problem- comical ones, mostly.
57Hena. Female Sea Elf; wearing clothing that is very bright blues and greens that seem a little too clean.
58Coen. Male Avian Human; keeps ordering soup- so much that the staff is asking if he is alright and how is he eating so much. He is sickly thin and looks desperately hungry.
59Asivia. Female Ethereal Elf; is trying to keep the butterflies and moths that pop into existence around her from getting her noticed. It isn't working very well.
60Holodon. Dragonborn Male; keeps having trouble with his breath weapon and constant belching.
61John. Male Lightfoot Halfling; wearing ratty clothing that makes one question if he's homeless.
62Sesiuk. Female Sarian Human; is cleaning her toenails right on the table.
63Halvard. Male Cavern Gnome; is arguing with the bartender over what an esoteric cocktail has in it.
64Braitha. Female Castrillian Human; is doting over her … Dog? Small Bear? You can't tell- only that it nearly takes her hand off when she gives it a steak. She doesn't seem concerned, however, only laughs and calls it a Good Boy.
65Sanita. Female Fire Genasi; is currently using the short flames of her hair to cook her own marshmallows for smores.
66Ofri-Amir. Male Ilerian Human; sits on a table and not in a seat while nursing an almost comically large mug.
67Saenilari. Female Solar Elf; is cleaning a complicated looking artificer weapon of some kind.
68Dances Among Stars; currently setting up a makeshift stage near the right-side fireplace, a box of props nearby.
69Griselda. Female Ghostwise Halfling; is talking with someone who no one else can see- and they aren't being quiet about it either.
70Fandi. Male Tamerian Human; tinkering with a small clockwork toy and mumbling about the holiday rush.
71Ruan, Tatiana, and Beau. A Stout Halfling couple and their newborn child who is well swaddled; they look haggard- like they were recently attacked by something.
72Rasuga. Female Orc; arm wrestling any other patrons who will try, and laughing whether they win or loose- seemingly enjoying the act itself rather than the outcome.
73Anbri. Male Stout Halfling; is drunk and trying to sing songs about … Carnal Acts … But is slurring so much it's hard to follow.
74Kiina. Female Earth Genasi; pulling barbs and stickers out of the cracks in her desertous skin. A lizard slinks through the quartz crystals that make up her crown-like hair.
75Orianna. Female Tiefling; studying a stack of books, a row of dusty artifacts laid out in front of her. Occasionally she'll let out an excited AHA!
Stepping inside the Inn one enters a wide, single roomed hall dotted here and there with sturdy timber beams which hold up the second floor of the building. It is softly lit with Sunstone light that radiates from various sconces located around the exterior of the room- each in a different design, as if pulled from the trash, thrifted, or otherwise obtained randomly over its many decades of business. Despite the softness of the light on the eyes, however, it is by no means a dark interior. Rather, the light is clear and the atmosphere has a certain coziness to it- one accented by the light glittering off a tiled mosaic floor made from several types of stone inlaid in a simple repeating geometric pattern; like the outside of the Inn, it's design is rather plain and unassuming (adding only a slight bit of interest and contrast to an otherwise simply decorated room).

The Innkeeper

Named Daegal, the Innkeep is a Winged Elf male. His age is unascertainable at a glance and he won't answer questions about it if asked- though he looks to be in his mid 40's in Human years (albeit a very youthful 40's; he is an Elf, after all).   Due to the nature of working in an Inn and Tavern, Patrons rarely get a glimpse of his wings- which are always a subject of curiosity given the rarity of Winged Elves; he keeps them tucked neatly away unless he needs them to make a frightening point to a brawler, or some other Patron making a fuss. These points are accented by the fact that he has long black hair kept pulled back into a high pony tail, lending a severity to his already sharp Elven features- and piercing blue eyes which seem to bore in as he looks at you, as if he's seeing directly into one's soul.   Despite all of this, however, his mannerisms and voice are soft and welcoming, and he has quite a jovial personality.
Several battered shields- themselves likewise of various styles, makes, and ages- hang on the walls, alternating with the sconces. On either end of the hall- both left, and right, from the entrance- are two large stone fireplaces lit with welcoming fires. Above the left one hangs a well painted portrait of a crying and destitute Gnomish man. Above the other hangs another portrait of the same man, this time with his head thrown back in raucous laughter; the wooden tables and chairs which make up the sitting space between them are well made, but weathered from decades of use, as if the Inn has been around for a very long time.  

Offerings & Menus

Welcome to the Heron! … No, not herring, Heron. The bird, not the fish … Yes, it’s a bird … Yes, we serve fish … No, we don’t have a bird-fish. Are… Are you okay? Do you need me to find someone for you?
— A well meaning ex-Barkeep of The Heron ... She didn't last long
  Located at the back of the room and stretching across a truly dimly lit space, with a Sunstone chandelier hanging above it, is the Tavern Bar. Old, and worn, and carved from what looks like an old piece of a ship's hull, it's tended by a willowy framed Winged Elf male who busies himself with the usual work of cleaning.  
▼ Food ▼
Item Price
Bread Bowl with herbed Butter 1 CP
Dried Pork Jerky and Pea Mash 1 CP
Quail Egg, Herring, and Leek Hash 2 CP
Bowl of Stewed Lentils and Grains 3 CP
Liver Paste, Smoked Meat, Cheese,
and Bread Platter
5 CP
Roast of Lamb with Honey Glazed
Root Vegetable side
3 SP
▼ Drinks ▼
Item Price
Bugarbara Farms Hard Cider 1 CP
Sal'Hean Sea Grog 1 CP
Sweet-Garland Spiced Perry 2 CP
Kharukan Pale Ale 2 CP
Stirge Black Lager 3 CP
Red Scale Ale 3 SP
▼ Accomodations ▼
Item Price
Room (per night) 1 CP
Stabling (with overnight stay) Free
Bathing Amenities (regardless of overnight stay) 3 CP
  Accommodations themselves consist of several rooms on the upper floor, accessed through creaky stairwell whose steps are covered in well worn velvet carpeting that looks to have been red once upon a time- located to the left side of the bar. The rooms for rent are tiny but clean, with a single window above a twin sized cot. A chest for temporary storage sits next to each, and freshly laundered feather bedding has been placed neatly folded on the cots ready for patrons to make their beds when they're ready to slumber.  

The Bulletin

Attached to the side wall, just to the right as one enters through the main door of the Tavern, is a giant Bulletin Board; well worn and cracked with ages of constant use, here is where those patronizing The Heron may post any notices they please about the goings-around. Those more adventurous may then peruse the offerings and pick up a quest or two- though where these quests may lead them is entirely questionable in its own right.   Few details are often given in such bulletins, and it's usually up to the Adventurer to try and track down the notifying Patron for any further details. And what may have been local for the Patron, may not be for the Adventurer- let alone be where The Heron spits them out when they finally deign to open its doors again.

Heron Bulletin

Roll the Dice
1Sirens are waylaying ships from traveling over a sacred coral reef
2Save nobles celebrating airship's inaugural journey
3Ship is cursed by Sirens for desecrating holy site
4Legends speaks of rich island unfortunately protected by tests of worthiness
5Townsfolk share homes with the raised loved ones & kill travelers to keep them
6Ships keep getting raided by water walking pirate monks
7Sought-after ghost ship filled with treasure (actually a mimic nest)
8Whirlpool of magical origins keeps eating ships
9Wizard tower containing young girl keeps appearing in ocean every 20 years; recently sighted
10Fast growing seaweed is choking an important trade route
11Rumors of a lost water temple filled with treasure
12Pirates harrassing ships at important crossing point
13Ship of immigrants captured by pirates
14Survivors need saving after sinking ship was attacked by pirates
15Sailors report a huge monster floating at sea with a large chunk bitten out of it.
16Someone used a bottle of endless sand to make an island, ruining local trade
17Find a hermit that lives on the “moving island”
18Save port city that's now home to spawning dragon turtles
19Merchant wants PCs to sabotage the wedding of one of his rivals
20Engineer wants help capturing elementals to power airships
21A witch has moved into the local swamp and is stealing children
22A local girl was found embedded in a rock
23Hedge witch needs specific herbs to brew potions
24Women have been going missing from the village every few years
25Druid is trying to find rare ingredients for spiritual ritual
26Rivaling Druids cause clan warfare that must be stopped
27Young urchin thieves with no home are wreaking havoc
28Town where necromancy is accepted is under attack by bigots
29City is run by 3 underground criminal families vying for power
30Sailors report a huge monster floating at sea with a large chunk bitten out of it.
31A bottle with a real ship and real people in it washes up onto shore
32A bottle that when placed in water receives messages from the Elemental Plane
33Someone used a bottle of endless sand to make an island, ruining local trade
34A local caster has summoned a creature that they cannot contain
35Superstitious village is holding a witch trial
36Something is constructing a garden of statues using the townsfolk
37A logging camp is being haunted by the ghosts of Dryads
38A gelatinous cube, used to eat waste, has escaped the sewer
39Wife seeks to resurrect husband but needs his bones
40Dead keep rising from local graveyard
41Marble carved from a newfound quarry is animating
42Shepard attacking town with zombie sheep after a lover spurned him
43Kids stole some creature's eggs and now they're attacking the village
44Elvish lord arresting non-elves after his daughter eloped with a human
45Art critic to ruin artist unless he marries their only daughter
46Theatre needs to keep lead actor alive long enough to perform for a noble
47Owner of an orchard complaining trees keep relocating at night
48Shipments from a nearby mine have stopped; Miners showing odd symptoms
49Waterborn parasite is making animals in the town hyperaggressive
50Village ran out of food after magic preservation failed
51Theatre needs to keep lead actor alive long enough to perform for a noble
52An unusual crystal was found embedded in a tree
53A large area has been flooded that previously wasn't
54Several women in the area are pregnant under strange circumstances
55Local boy goes missing after friends dare him to enter abandoned cottage
56Ghost Druids haunting a logged grove
57Infestation of insects affecting Dryad Grove and killing it
58An incredibly rare ingredient is needed to cure a deadly plague
59The local tavern keeper needs help with the giant rats
60A killer is leaving rare flowers in the mouths of his victims
61Angry mob attempting to attack a peaceful tribe of orcs
62Water drawn from a certain well is animating into water elementals
63Farmer finds a possessed tablet in his field that causes a plague
64Retrieve a family heirloom from a missing soldier on a local battlefield
65Large amounts of fish keep showing up dead for no reason
66Wells keep drying up for no reason
67Travelers keep having strange encounters with a lady in black
68Merchants keep getting attacked on trade route
69People keep disappearing in village's ossuary without a trace
70Travelers searching for Paradise-like desert city haven't come back
71Old man wishes to be taken to desert shrine to die like his ancestors
72A band of fey has been stealing wine from a rural tavern
73Elementals that power a Dwarven forge have broken free
74Wizard needs help testing a dungeon to protect the tomb of his order
75Locals hear chants in the nearby ruins
76Owner of inn claims to have entrance to mysterious dungeon in cellar
77Orphanage is run by a demonic cultist that sacrifices the weak children
78Contract to explore old ruin for intelligence; client isn't telling them everything
79Strange messages and symbols have been found on the walls of buildings
80Lady seeks adventurers to steal a powerful arcane artifact
81Classic Temple / Ruin run for treasure, can provide map
82Travel to forgotten temple on a hidden lake and secure an artifact
83Cult leader recruiting as many followers as possible in the area
84As folks age they allegedly vanish into thin air
85The town is being plagued by a shape-shifting serial killer
86A rising city ignores the activities of a cult to protect their global reputation
87A city’s population is almost entirely being controlled by a hivemind
88Citizens are being transformed into livestock as punishment for crimes
89Townsfolk live under the tyrannical rule of a lesser fiend
90Monster preys on townsfolk who believe it brings fertility & fortune so do nothing
91Citizens are driven to building, clear-cutting, or digging for an unknown purpose
92The town sits over a portal to another plane of existence
93Townsfolk slaughtered the previous inhabitants and are now haunted by them
94Cult leader recruiting as many followers as possible in the area
95A minor evil cult has killed the local wizard
96Orphanage is run by a demonic cultist that sacrifices the weak children
97Locals hear chants in the nearby ruins
98Feral animals keep attacking townsfolk and ruing crops
99Found map to Phetian Ruins, willing to sell for 5 Gold
100Found map to Nom'ythian Ruins, willing to sell for 2 Gold
101Found map to Sa'avian Ruins, willing to sell for 3 Gold
102Found map to Ayenian Ruins, willing to sell for 1 Gold
103Found map to Dwarven Ruins, willing to sell for 3 Gems
104Found map to Elven Ruins, willing to sell for 2 Gems
105Discovered an interesting cave, willing to sell location for 1 Gold 3 Gems

Rumors & Oddities

The Red Scale Ale, a drink on the menu, is supposedly so named because a Red Dragon attacked the place once for refusing to serve it a bottle, leading to the Inn's destruction (or so the story goes among the Patrons, at least.
A gang of rather unsavory figures has made the Inn their home, and they always expect the best table while there. One should watch where they sit while visiting, then, or find themselves more than a few teeth- and coin- short.
The Inn seems to be cursed (or blessed, depending on how you see it) as no one's ever died while visiting; some have deliberately tried to injure or murder Patrons, but wounds obtained inside are miraculously never lethal.
Patrons could swear that they've visited The Heron before in a different location; some swear it was in Olienn. Others claim it used to be somewhere in Talaina'Vao, in Tolara. Another, the icey peaks of the Caerced Mountains. Most stories of its initial encounter are always the same, and speak of randomly stumbling upon it in the middle of nowhere, just as they were about to give up all hope.   While one might be inclined to brush these off as merely the typical drunken ravings encountered in a Tavern setting, in reality they're all correct; the Inn itself is a pocket dimension whose entrance shows up wherever it pleases- or whenever a traveler's in need ... Bring it up inside, however, and you'll experience one of the few times the Innkeeper isn't particularly jovial.

In The Open Door Campaign, The Heron acts as the main base of operations for Diodimaya Nethesi and Kesiah Vanmir- two Adventurers who originally met at the Tavern and now frequent it regularly after discovering they seem to have an uncanny ability to always know how to find it no matter what.


Author's Notes

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▼ Please Read Before You Comment ▼
I absolutely love getting feedback on my setting and its worldbuilding. I love it even more when people poke and prod at it, and ask questions about the things I've built within it. I want both. I actively encourage both. And it makes me incredibly giddy whenever I get either. However, there's a time and a place for critique in particular- mostly when I've actually asked for it (which usually happens in World Anvil's discord server). And when I do ask for critique, there are two major things I politely request that you do not include in your commentary:   ➤ The first is any sort of critique on the way I've chosen to organize or format something; Saleh'Alire is not a narrative world written for reader enjoyment... It's is a living campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. To that end, it's written and organized for my players and I, specifically for ease of use during gameplay- and our organization needs are sometimes very different than others'. They are especially diferent, often-times, from how things "should be organized" for reader enjoyment.   ➤ Secondly, is any critique about sentence phrasing and structure, word choice, and so on; unless you've specifically found a typo, or you know for a provable fact I've blatantly misued a word, or something is legitimately unclear explicitly because I've worded it too strangely? Then respectfully: Don't comment on it; as a native English speaker of the SAE dialect, language critique in particular will almost always be unwelcome unless it's absolutely necessary. This is especially true if English is not you first language to begin with. My native dialect is criticized enough as it is for being "wrong", even by fellow native English speakers ... I really don't want to deal with the additional linguistic elitism of "formal english" from Second-Language speakers (no offense intended).   That being said: If you want to ask questions, speculate, or just ramble? Go for it! I love talking about my setting and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, or entertain any thoughts about it. Praise, of course, is always welcome too (even if it's just a casual "this is great", it still means a lot to authors)- and if you love it, please don't forget to actually show that love by liking it and sharing it around. Because I genuinely do enjoy watching people explore and interact with my setting, and ask questions about it, and I'd definitely love to hear from you... Just be respectful about it, yeah?

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Dec 25, 2022 14:41

What a fantastic vanishing inn, I love this place. I also love the little details you add into articles like for this inn the patrons table and the bulletin table. The love and care you place in your articles really shines through.

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
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not Rollplaying
Dec 25, 2022 19:19 by Anna Katherina

Aw thank you!   I originally made the Tavern for Summer Camp iirc. Now I'm trying to get it ready for my Husband and I to play in; we've recently purchased a DM-less modification for DnD 5E so that we can play together as a couple easily on his schedule, without me always having to DM games for the whole group like I usually do. So I'm trying to throw in a few things that mean we can use this as our "base of operations", and which'll make starting a game whenever we want easier for ourselves, and not a slog to get going.   The bulletin and patrons seemed like a good set, especially with how the system we bought works. But if you thought the bulletin on THIS was cool, you should see the two ACTUAL bulletins that I built for the major campaigns I run.   The first was for my Into the Wilds campaign for my husband and our group of friends (here). The other's a solo campaign I'm running for a friend of mine in exchange for them paying for a Minecraft Server for us (here).

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Dec 25, 2022 21:05

These bulletins are fantastic. My gold coins are on
  Blackfire over Vyrsag Xara in the Championship Battle with speed over strength. May your quill never run dry.

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
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Dec 25, 2022 21:58 by Anna Katherina

As luck would have it, you bet correctly! Blackfire was a new player we had join us the last time we were able to play before I got too ill to run the game- and he did indeed win his match!

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Jan 2, 2023 20:58

Another inn that "travels" around? Wonderful!   With such an inn, however, it seemed a bit odd the implication of recurring patrons. How is that possible?   My favourite bit had to be about the odd, single-stone wall, hinting at an older building or construction. It really gives it life :D

Jan 2, 2023 21:07 by Anna Katherina

This was actually the first Vanishing / Reappearing Inn I did- written during Summer Camp 2022 ... In this one's case, it specifically "Appears whenever an Adventurer is in need" (so long as they're on a main road). It's important to understand in this setting, however, that "Adventurer" is a broad sort of classification that describes a wide range of actual professions- from Explorers, to Merchants, Mercenaries, etc. So there would definitely be a sort of "regular" for the Heron, given its unique ability to appear whenever they're in need in the wilderness.   By comparison, it would be much more difficult for a Tavern like Hut Hut (The Chicken-Footed Tavern created for World Ember 2022) to have regulars, since it's not a Pocket Dimension like the Heron. Instead it's an actual sentient Tavern that walks around wherever it pleases on its own accord.

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