Saleh'alire Rusatar Timeline


  • 1 Jenethi 0
    Beginning of Known Time

    The first date of known time according to the Tihagi Calendar.

  • 4048 Unknown
    Last Dragon Spotted
    Population Migration / Travel

    The last recorded Dragon is spotted flying over the southern tip of Rusatar, heading East towards Tolara's Southern Peninsula.

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  • 5675 Unknown
    Colonization of Rusatar

    After a seven month journey by sea, an expedition team from Olienn sets sail to the east for an as of yet unexplored land. There they encounter the area's native Minotaur and Goliath populations, who call the land Rusatar.

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  • 26 Oboron 5679 ➤ 5 Alarius 5682
    Kadenazi War
    Military action

    After peace talks about land ownership on Rusatar fails, Olienn begins an earnest campaign to expel the natives from their land- beginning with the mineral rich mountains of the eastern coast.

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  • 30 Sarnathi 5682
    Civil action

    After successfully taking the Vandic Mountain range, Olienn founds the city of Ma'akdi, and establishes it as the new capital of Rusatar. Olienn then cedes power of Rusatar to their new Goliath allies, in exchange for unlimited resource access- so long as they keep the Minotaur dissenters in check.

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  • 5954

    29 /4

    Shael Ash
    Life, Birth

    Shael Ash is born in Sedera- a small village on the edge of the Lasna Forest outside Ma'akdi in Rusatar.

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  • 6010

    5 /5

    Kiha Tiadas
    Life, Relationship change

    While playing cards in Ma'akdi, Shael Ash meets Kiha Tiadas. Becoming close friends and traveling companions, the two leave together that night.

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  • 6254

    25 /11

    Cheat and Liar
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Now in Fargur, in southern Rusatar, Kiha is having a lucky streak during a card game against a couple of local guards. A fight breaks out as the Guards accuse her of cheating, and Kiha is arrested. When he attempts to intervene, Shael Ash is arrested as an accomplice.

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  • 6255

    12 /2

    Corellon's Hand
    Life, Career

    While in jail for several months, awaiting to hear what the Guard Captain wanted to do with them, Shael Ash begins having visions. In them, Corellon offers is aid if he swears service to him. Despite insistence by Shael, Corellon doesn't agree to aid Kiha. In the end Shael agrees anyways and leaves Rusatar- setting sale for Tolara.

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