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The Vestige of An'hang

There will come a time when the darkness must be banished once more. This sword will be my light in this world when that time comes- gifted to they who prove themselves most worthy of it... Until that time, guard it close, for the darkness would seek to reclaim it if it so could.
An'hang speaking to a Red Priest


  Lightbringer is a Greatsword fabled to have been forged by the God An'hang himself after his ascension to Divine status, and gifted to his Divine Champion Katyana Pandhi. When Katyana fell in battle some time in 2406, the sword was then given by An'hang to another of his Red Priests. According to myth, the Priest was tasked with guarding it until another worthy Champion stepped forward; from there record of the sword ceases to exist, and it no longer appears in mythology.  


An'hang   Last Know wielder
Katyana Pandhi   Item Type
Greatsword   Rarity
Wondrous item, legendary
Requires attunement
Like all Vestiges, without a worthy owner Lightbringer is believed to have reverted to its Dormant State upon Katyana's death. According to mythos, in its dormant state it appears just as any other Greatsword would- though it is rumored to have a rain guard in the shape of a sun, with two much more elongated rays that form its crossguard. Further accounts of the sword tell of a pommel made of a vibrant red gem of some sort, carved with the symbol of An'hang. Since Vestiges have not been extensively studied and the sword has not been seen in centuries, however, the accuracy of this information cannot be truthfully verified.  


  • The wielder has a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with this weapon.
  • When the wielder hits with an attack with this weapon, the target takes an additional 1d6 fire damage.
  • The wielder can sense Undead + Monstrocities within a 1 mile radius


  • The weapon's wielder gains resistance to fire damage.
  • The fire damage inflicted on a hit increases to 2d6.
  • As an action, once per day the wielder can use the pommel to cast Burning Hands at 2nd level (DC 15).


  • The bonus to attack rolls with this weapon increases to a +2.
  • The fire damage inflicted on a hit increases to 3d6.
  • The Burning Hands spell save DC increases to 17 and is now cast at 3rd level.


  Lightbringer may be found in Monument #01- located in the Nang Kap'ahu Delta, in Talaina'Vao, Tolara; the monument is the tomb and final resting place of Katyana Pandhi, former Champion of An'hang. Its location is only known to the oldest and most devoted of the Red Priests to whom An'hang has personally revealed his divine visions within the flames.

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