Ceiba Lanael


Other than her tree-like appearance she has a tattoo/scarification on her upper back. She had it made before her treebinding. She also has three circles on her left wrist (closest to the heart), each increasing in size upwards, to signify home so she always carries it with her; Her feet and hands are slightly darker than the rest of her body. But it’s a smooth color transition.  


Born in the land between the Adja Wet Forest and Nang Kap'ahu Delta, growing up she witnessed outsiders violate her home by poaching or logging and felt a growing anger within her. Her reputation in her village is that she is dedicated to preserving and natural habitats for animals. She is known to have “a bit” of anger issues relating to perceived injustices towards nature.   Her favored item is her druidid focus which was gifted to her by one of her primary caretakers. It was made from the first bloom of her tree and gifted to her on the day she left the village. Since her treebinding she’s been a little wary of giving away things made from her tree, since she feels it’s a way to connect to her tree. She has a special place in her heart for honey bees, bumble bees and hunting bees, as they seem to love the blooms on her tree.
Fae: Farryn   Biological Sex
Female   Age
106 years   Born
Gillia, in Talaina'Vao; Tolara
5 ft 8 in / 173 cm   Weight
??   Hair
Green; long and wavy   Eyes
Yellow   Skin
Green, speckled and bark-like


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  • Celix Lanael
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  • Chalisa, Mother figure
  • Alcades, Father figure
  • Abelia, Mother figure
  • Nesosi, Mother figure
  • Bastos, Father figure
  • Thaddax, Father figure
Major Associates
  • Syrine, Best Friend
Minor Associates
  • Fernis
  • Zetus
  • Aesas

Cover image: Reaching Hand by Min An
Character Portrait image: Ceiba by Cami Juel
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