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Yen Tae-Hyun

Famed Explorer and Ship's Captain

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  Born in Eris'ka in 6320, Yen Tae-Hyun was the Expedition Master for the Southern Division of Eris'ka's main Exploration Team. In 6348 it was her team who discovered the Kuai’ain Palace on the southern peninsula of Tolara, in the Talaina'Vao region. In addition to discovering the Kuai’ain Palace and significantly advancing world knowledge of the ancient Sa'Avian species, she also helped to establish Chara'Huyan- the port city that would go on to make such extensive study of the ruins possible in the first place.
Penning this entry by the lantern’s light, I find myself in awe of the history I am now surrounded by.   Much is half-submerged and initial sweeps indicate more lies fully beneath the sea; we have deduced there are fewer than a thousand buildings left in near-perfect condition; there are ruined granaries and storehouses, and what appear to be shops and homes. I have also found a few bones, though they’re scattered and I’m not versed in determation. I do suspect thousands died here, however ... Moving from the macabre, there are several libraries. Most of the books are moldy, waterlogged, and unreadable. However, with some effort they may yet yield information- perhaps even official reports.   We have made camp in a small pass leading up to the palace, so as not to disturb the buildings. It is beginning to get late and it is best if I turned in- though I’m unsure if I’ll sleep! I’m excited about the knowledge this place will bring.
Yen Tae-Hyun, Expedition Master, Southern Division; 5 Javir 6348
Valisari (Water Genasi)   Life
6320 - 6362 (Died 42 years old)   Birthplace
Eris'ka, Tolara   Perceived Sex
.   Hair
.   Skin Tone
.   Height
.   Weight
After retiring from the Explorer's Guild, she became a ship's captain, frequently sailing between Castrillis and Eris'ka, and delivering much needed supplies to coastal settlements in the Tolaran region of Talaina'Vao. Unfortunately her ship (the Bai-Ji Comsir, or Precious Moon) wrecked just off the Ji’ar Coast in 6362, when an earthquake near Rusatar spawned a Tsunami; the Precious Moon was swamped and overturned by the large wave. Port Chara'Huyan, too, was inundated in the flood, destroying over half of the port ... In the end it took 3 days to fully sink as the survivors from Chara'Huyan watched helplessly from the shore- taking all but 7 of her crew down with her (including Captain Tae-Hyun herself).   Her legacy lives on in Tolara, however, as one of the most important Adventurers in Tolaran history thus far.

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