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The Ayeni

Last of the Extraplanar Trespassers

Saleh'Alire » Sophonts Ancient Cultures

The final ancients to travel to the Material Plane, the Ayeni are believed to have originally come from the Elemental Planes and settled in what is now Modern day Martova and Castrillis. Over time, Archivists theorize that they gave rise to the Genasi and the Humans- one having retained the elemental natures of their ancestors, and the others having lost them. Initially it was theorized this was due to interbreeding with the Phet. This theory has long since been abandoned, however.   Overall the Ayeni were a much less advanced society when compared to the other civilizations- at least compared to the magical technology that the other races seem to have possessed. Instead, the strength of the Ayeni seems to have laid predominantly in agriculture and animal husbandry, and their related technologies- as well in their sense of wonderment and desire to explore. But despite their comparative lack of advancement they did have a much larger population overall, likely due to their decreased lifespan and increased fertility compared to many other ancient races.   Unfortunately, however, all that now remains of them are their descendants- and their ruins.

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