Diary of the First Chisisi Expedition

The Ill-Fated Journey to Find Akmara Anai

In the early days our ancestors walked these sands until their feet blistered and their skin flaked off like a snake's... They were tired, and hungry, and begged Na Diwa for water. On the eighth day their prayers were answered, and black spires rose from the ground... But it was not a blessing from Netamesphut... But a curse from another, older being...
— Excerpt from an Enethian Folktale; south-western Chisisi region.

The Diary of the First Chisisi Expedition is a journal penned by an unknown individual believed to be of Enethian descent. Archivists theorize, based on the information available in the journal, that it dates to around the time of the first Enethian migration into the Gahiji Mountains- after the Red Schism led to their separation from the Ileri.   It details a religious band (potentially an early form of the Bez-Aia Diwa) sent into the desert in search of a place known as Akmara Anai; this site was believed by early locals to be the site of some sort of demonic presence that was corrupting the land.   It is unknown what came of the band after the journal's last date of entry... The journal certainly indicates that many of its members were killed in the events leading up to Akmara Anai's discovery- and in events at the structure itself. What befell the survivors mentioned afterwards, however, still remains a mystery; both the structure and the band appear to have eventually faded into obscurity. What little mentions remain are found in folklore in Enethian settlements located in the Chisisi Desert, near the south-western portion of the Gahiji Mountains.
Journal, Expedition Log   Medium

Authoring Date
Unknown   Authors
Unknown; likely Enethian male

Cover image: Manuscript by Sam Moqadam


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
10 Dec, 2020 19:22

Again sorry for the delay. I like this one too. I don't have much to say of the article itself, but the entries are really cool. I like how the archival notes seems to add a layer of mystery to the entries. I love how the entries suggest and allude to the missing pages but still makes it clear this was a really bad time for those involved.

10 Dec, 2020 23:12

Thank you! If I remember correctly, this was originally written for the expedition competition and it was so much fun to do <3