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Castrillis is less a single kingdom, and more a vague alliance between several clans- each of whom holds a portion of the overall territory; originally a series of warring kingdoms, they were forcefully united under a single banner by Cáin Avelson nic Dhána in 6084, who named the new territory Castrillis and implemented the Clan system of governance. He was later overthrown in 6082 by his own wife, Moirin ac Brádaigh nic Doirnín.   Under the later implemented Társén Alliance, there are 7 primary clans, each of which controls an autonomous region of Castrillis. The head of this "Alliance" is known as the High King (or Róal Càer), whereas the heads of the other 6 primary clans are each known as a Lesser King (or Cáer Rótarlach). Family heritage for each Clan is tracked matrilineally, since the women are the ones who give birth- with inheritance for Clan Heads operating on a first-born system, where the first born of the current Head of the Clan (regardless of gender) ascends after their death; this does not include the Bloodhunters, though they are included in the Alliance itself.   Unfortunately, despite being overthrown by his wife in 6082, Cáin Avelson nic Dhána had managed to survive and gain further power- becoming a Lich. Beginning in 6130, Castrillis became overrun by waves of undead coming from the far north, under the control of the former High King. Eventually the Bloodhunters are organized under High King Fína Avelson nic Dhána by 6148- becoming Castrillis' major defense against the Undead forces. And by 6155, the country finally sees a tentative end to the undead presence- though minor incursions still happen (especially in Catríona in the far north).
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Region Title Clan Current Head
Válmía Róal Cáer Clan Cáoráig Egdhán Dhána
Caile Cáer Rótarlach Clan Cananáin Ruadh Sabháin
Finola Cáer Rótarlach Clan Lulachláin Eiblin Coinnich
Talies Cáer Rótarlach Clan Síoráin Thamás Rushton
Adógan Cáer Rótarlach Clan Etanáin Benict Ruáidh
Anndrach Cáer Rótarlach Clan Airachláin Sorcha Matasan
Catríona Cáer Rótarlach Clan Cateláin Asha Máirc
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No, it's not actually meant to be Irish. No, it doesn't follow Irish grammatical or other rules. Just ignore the fada letters and pronounce it as it's spelt. Exceptions are double L's (pronounced as y's, as in spanish), g's (pronounced as a soft h, as in "where"), and ch's (pronounced like the ch in "loch", as in the Scotish Loch Ness Monster)

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