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The Red Sons

To The Highest Coin

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The Red Sons is a subdivision of The Sons of Argos. But where The Sons of Argos are based out of Chara'Huyan Port in Tolara's Talaina'Vao region, however, The Red Sons subdivision is primarily concerned with conflicts much further inland- though they do typically stay within the Ajda-Donesh Basin, keeping along the Hiatal and Kogria Mountains, and into the Nisaba Pass.  

Membership & Manpower

6580   Dissolution
Still Active
Parent Division
Sons of Argos
Like their sister band, The Black Sons, The Red Sons subdivision consists of 10 members in total. Among them, 3 of those members are Scouts while 6 are General Armsmen; they operate under the leadership of Lieutenant Feron Colborne, in conjunction with overhead leadership of Captain Rael Baakshi.  


  While The Sons of Argos are concerned overall with Criminal Apprehension and Bounty Hunting, The Red Sons themselves are primarily concerned with small scale assassination, political conflict, and similar matters; they have a reputation of working for the highest bidder (to the point of switching sides mid battle) and being particularly ruthless in their methodology- more so than any other hand among The Sons of Argos.


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