Saleh'alire Olienn Timeline


  • 1 Jenethi 0
    Beginning of Known Time
  • 521 Unknown
    Nom'ythi Migration
    Population Migration / Travel

    The first of the Nom'Yth begin to arrive from the Feywild, fleeing the First Dragon War.

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  • 915 Unknown
    Dragon Crossing
    Population Migration / Travel

    The first of the Chromatic Dragons arive from the Feywild, having been betrayed by the Archfey

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  • 920 Unknown
    Dragon Slaughter
    Military action

    Fearful of repeating persecuton from the First Dragon War of the Feywilds, the Nom'Yth begin hunting the True Dragon refugees in the material plane.

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  • 932 Unknown
    Second Dragon War
    Military action

    The Second Dragon War officially begins in the Material Plane

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  • 2254 Unknown
    Destruction of Tea'thon
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Nom'ythian city of Tea'thon (located in present day Olienn) is destroyed in the Dragon Wars.

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  • 3234 Unknown
    Fall of the Nom'yth

    The Nom'Yth begin to fall to unknown causes near the end of the Second Dragon War; spotty evidence suggests a smaller fight broke out between The Nom'Yth and the Metallic Dragons leads to their mutual destruction.

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  • 5380 Unknown
    Temple of the Three
    Religious event

    High Priests Yaemah e'Cearose and Ivael e'Belnae found the Temple of the Three in the kingdom of Olienn, dedicated to the Elven "Ve Anve'Tri".

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  • 15 Oboron 5385
    Birth of Deamod e'Lufaren
    Life, Birth

    Deamod e'Lufaren is born in the Ava'ya Province, Olienn.

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  • 5675 Unknown
    Colonization of Rusatar

    After a seven month journey by sea, an expedition team from Olienn sets sail to the east for an as of yet unexplored land. There they encounter the area's native Minotaur and Goliath populations, who call the land Rusatar.

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  • 26 Oboron 5679 ➤ 5 Alarius 5682
    Kadenazi War
    Military action

    After peace talks about land ownership on Rusatar fails, Olienn begins an earnest campaign to expel the natives from their land- beginning with the mineral rich mountains of the eastern coast.

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  • 30 Sarnathi 5682
    Civil action

    After successfully taking the Vandic Mountain range, Olienn founds the city of Ma'akdi, and establishes it as the new capital of Rusatar. Olienn then cedes power of Rusatar to their new Goliath allies, in exchange for unlimited resource access- so long as they keep the Minotaur dissenters in check.

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  • 3 Moras 5695
    Birth of Aaina Viswan
    Life, Birth

    Aaina Viswan is born to a peasant family in the southern Dels'Akrian Dessert, located in the Fea'lora Province of Olienn.

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  • 6025

    Nationalist Rise
    Plague / Epidemic

    In 6025, controlled by Her Majesty, Queen Nenryn e'ta Usathi, the nation of Olienn enters into a brief period marked by extreme Elven Nationalism.

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  • 6027

    27 /8

    Racial Cleansing
    Military action

    Just two years after the rise of extreme Elvish nationalism in Olienn, efforts began to remove non-Elves from their territories in an event that would become known as The Cleansing.

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  • 6033

    19 /6

    21 /6

    Battle of Glimmering Hill
    Military action

    By midyear in 6033, the Legions of Queen Nenryn e'ta Usathi had nearly completed the Cleansing and were camped along the border of Olienn in the Edoas region, awaiting their orders. Soon Olienn would belong solely to the Elves- or so they thought; shortly after First Breath, before the Phy'ithi could begin their advances, a Genasi's Guerilla force launched a massive preemptive strike against the Legion- defeating them in a decisive battle that became known as The Battle of Glimmering Hill

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  • 8 Alarius 6033
    Oliennesian Ascension
    Political event

    Idyal e'Hatania ascends to the Oliennesian throne, having defeated the former Queen Nenryn e'ta Usathi (responsible for The Cleansing) in single combat and parading her head through the streets of the capitol city.

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  • 6284

    14 /10

    Faelkarstone Ascension
    Life, Wealth

    Thirty years before his birth, after its current ruler dies unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances (failing to leave behind a legitimate heir), Mala'kai Avirotka's parents forge documents of legitimacy and ascend to the Faelkarstonian throne in an effort to keep the Island from falling back into Oliennesian rule.

  • 6291

    25 /8

    Mala'kai Avirotka
    Life, Birth

    Mala'kai Avirotka is born in the city of Orlona, the Monarchial capital of Faelkarstone- an island kingdom located just off the eastern coast of Olienn.

  • 6314

    12 /5

    Faelkarstone Exile
    Life, Publicity

    Mala'kai Avirotka's parents are exposed as "fakes" and Changelings, and ousted as the rulers of Faelkarstone by two figures: Avanin Yres and Bryndras Nezzien.

  • 2 Marca 6366
    Aneirin Mylel
    Life, Birth

    Aneirin e'Mylel is born in the city of Ea'ronn, in the Oliennesian region of Fae'lora.

  • 1 Amir 6434
    Wandering Son
    Life, Milestone

    Aneirin e'Mylel sets off to explore the world like his father before him, leaving his home city of Ea'ron (in Fea'Lora, Olienn) behind.

  • 6434

    19 /12

    Teleported to the Feywild
    Life, Relocation

    While wandering the forest, Aneirin e'Mylel discovers a portal. Upon investigating, he finds himself transported to the Archfey Irmethe's realm in the Feywild.   (NB: Due to Feywild time dilation, the events of the next 5 years in the Material Plane are spread across several decades in the Feywild).