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Avesta An'hang

The Myth and Ritual of An'hang

Oh An'hang, our Lord... Light your flame among us. Look here, and shine your light so that we may be protected in this darkness, amen.

written in 6222, the Avesta An'hang is the primary religious text of the Cult of An'hang; based largely in Martova, as well as within the the Nang Kap'ahu Delta of Tolara, the cult is comprised mostly of Humans and Genasi who worship a syncretization of the Enethian Mahez-Inet and Genasian Ambani. It is considered deeply heretical by both of its parent cultures.   Examining the book the cover is a thick leather, poorly worked and then dyed in a deep crimson. In the center front is a crudely tooled flame with the book's name below it, off centered; additional decorative tooling has been added to the edges of the cover as a border, with four rubies embeded in gold on each of the corners- two of which are broken, and one of which is missing. The pages themselves appear to have been bound with a rough jute twine woven through holes near the spine.   Opening it there appears to be water damage to many of the pages. While the book is still readable, it takes some effort due to the extent to the damage; a prior reader has helpfully attempted to fill in some of the missing areas, though it's unknown how accurate the modifications to the text are. Some notes have also been added to the margins of several of the pages- most of which have nothing to do with the book's contents, unfortunately.
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Two ribbon bookmarks have been positioned together to mark the chapter on Prayers and Blessings. Though there is little information left, the pages here look well used- with fingerprint smudges and streaks of dirt in the corners where the pages have been turned freuquently; additional papers float loosely between the pages, some of which contain supplemental prayers likely written by the previous owner.

Cover image: Manuscript by Sam Moqadam


Author's Notes

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I absolutely love getting feedback on my setting and its worldbuilding. I love it even more when people poke and prod at it, and ask questions about the things I've built within it. I want both. I actively encourage both. And it makes me incredibly giddy whenever I get either. However, there's a time and a place for critique in particular- mostly when I've actually asked for it (which usually happens in World Anvil's discord server). And when I do ask for critique, there are two major things I politely request that you do not include in your commentary:   ➤ The first is any sort of critique on the way I've chosen to organize or format something; Saleh'Alire is not a narrative world written for reader enjoyment... It's is a living campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. To that end, it's written and organized for my players and I, specifically for ease of use during gameplay- and our organization needs are sometimes very different than others'. They are especially diferent, often-times, from how things "should be organized" for reader enjoyment.   ➤ Secondly, is any critique about sentence phrasing and structure, word choice, and so on; unless you've specifically found a typo, or you know for a provable fact I've blatantly misued a word, or something is legitimately unclear explicitly because I've worded it too strangely? Then respectfully: Don't comment on it; as a native English speaker of the SAE dialect, language critique in particular will almost always be unwelcome unless it's absolutely necessary. This is especially true if English is not you first language to begin with. My native dialect is criticized enough as it is for being "wrong", even by fellow native English speakers ... I really don't want to deal with the additional linguistic elitism of "formal english" from Second-Language speakers (no offense intended).   That being said: If you want to ask questions, speculate, or just ramble? Go for it! I love talking about my setting and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, or entertain any thoughts about it. Praise, of course, is always welcome too (even if it's just a casual "this is great", it still means a lot to authors)- and if you love it, please don't forget to actually show that love by liking it and sharing it around. Because I genuinely do enjoy watching people explore and interact with my setting, and ask questions about it, and I'd definitely love to hear from you... Just be respectful about it, yeah?

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Jan 5, 2021 19:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ohhh, I love that it got water-damaged (not that it happened, but that detail) and someone has tried to fill it in to the best of their ability. What fun little details.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 5, 2021 20:38 by Anna Katherina

Negl, I do that largely because I'm too lazy to write an entire book lol. But it does help give them a sense of age and history :D

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