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The Rebirth of a Nation

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By the time Cáin Avelson nic Dhána ascended to the throne of Válmía in 6075, the Castian Kingdoms to the north east of Olienn had been embroiled in war for centuries. Desperate to put an end to it, he launched a military campaign in 6080 in an attempt to bring all Kingdoms beneath a single banner. Successful, in 6084 Cáin named this new Kingdom Castrillis and became the first High King.   War turned to peace, and for a time the Kingdoms prospered. There were those among the Clans, however, who loathed the loss of their Kingdoms. During several rebellions, they nearly toppled the throne- forcing High King Cáin to search for new ways of maintianing peace and order; forced to turn to Necromancy as a last resort, he was finally able to quell the rebellions in 6088. By that time, however, the damage was already done.   Having had his taste of unimaginable power, High King Cáin delved deeper into the Necromantic arts, desperate to uncover more. After a time he began using Castrillians as vessels for macabre, arcane experimentation. These experimentations began, at first, with criminals and those who would never be missed. As his greed progressed, though, he turned his attention to average commoners ... And then to a Noblewoman: Eanna Catháil nic Lulachláin- the young cousin of Deorid Tuáirisc nic Lulachláin, the Low King of Finola herself.   The disappearance, and eventually brutal resurfacing, of Eanna Catháil in 9091 marked a distinct turning point in public perception of the High King. Within a year, with the help of his own wife Moirin ac Brádaigh nic Doirnín, he was overthrown. Unfortunately he managed to escape- leaving Castrillis behind as she took the throne.   High King Moirin seceeded the throne in favor of her daughter Fína until she came of age in 6102. And beneath her steady (if stern) rule, Castrillis prospered again until a series of brutal attacks in Catríona ushered in the era of the White War. The Kingdoms failed to beat back the waves of undead invaders from the far north, and within five years Castrillis was all but overrun.   A breakthrough eventually revealed that her father- now a Lich- was behind the attack. In a last ditch effort to save her Kingdom, High King Fína seceeded her throne and disbanded the nation of Castrillis in favor of founding the Bloodhunters; over a decade of magical experimentation went into the Order's creation- finally culminating in the founding of an elite and highly specialized pseudo-militaristic force intended to fight the undead. Their success brought a quick and decisive end to the White War by 6155, twenty three years after it had started.

6189 - Current

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Geopolitical Pseudo-Kingdom
+ Secondary Pseudo-Miltary   Organizations
Bloodhunters   Major Signatories
Every Major Clan Head in Castrillis, and their subordinates, plus the heads of each Bloodhunter organization (where different at the time) and their subordinates.   Capitol
Now heralded as the Savior of Castrillis, she was a natural candidate for regianing her throne, but turned it down- passing the throne of Válmía to her cousing Faolán Cáinnech nic Dhána and retiring to Cadla Manor in the mountians of Finola.  

Purpose & Reception

  The purpose of the alliance was to aid in protecting the regions of Castrillis from any further encroachments by the undead, and to sustain peace between the Clans. Unfortunately, over time most Castrillian regions have come to hate the Alliance and now want to disband it; they feel it's one-sided and doesn't have as many benefits as they were initially led to believe. The Bloodhunters, on the other hand, believe the alliance has been good for them and has prevented their order from imploding or becoming irrelevant with time.  


  The structure of the Alliance is fairly simple and straightforward. Each Kingdom that joins takes an oath of fidelity known as the Társén Oath. This is Oath is repeated every time a new High King (or Róal Cáer in the Castillan language) is chosen, and binds the Kingdom to the values and provisions of the alliance; there are no actual repercussions for breaking the alliance, and Kingdoms are free to leave whenever they choose to by formally rescinding their Oath.   Once the Társén Oath is taken, Kingdoms are considered to fall beneath the Castrillian banner. The use of a singular collective title, however, is merely a holdover from the era when the Kingdoms were united as a single entity under the first High King Cáin Avelson nic Dhána; despite using a singular name out of tradition, they remain individual and fully autonomous Kingdoms.

Role of the High King

Unlike during the earlier years, the new entity of Castrillis (as defined by the Társén Alliance) is no longer a single geopolitical entity. Likewise, the title of High King has become a ceremonial title ... Still, despite largely being a formality in the current age, the bearer of the title does continue to have certain responsibilities related to the alliance. These include ensuring political neutrality of their own Kingdom, acting as mediator between the other Kingdoms under the alliance, ensuring the maintinence and provision of the Bloodhunters, and disseminating the collective funds whenever necessary- among others.
  As members, each Kingdom contributes to a much larger financial and military fund, as established by the alliance and headed by the High King. The soldiers contributed are held in reserve within the individual Kingdoms, to be called upon as necessary. Finances, on the other hand, are deposited into a trust- the headquarters for which (as well as the seat of the High King) are located in the city of Seacha, in Válmía; both are redistributed back to the Kingdoms as need dictates- such as in the event of natural disaster, or encroachment by another (non Castrillian) political power.  
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▼ Economic ▼
The Társén Oath requires that those who have sworn fidelity submit at least 1 / 10th of their total wealth, yearly, to the Castrillian financial institution, to be used in the event of an invasion or other necessary military action.
▼ Military ▼
Kingdoms are require to commit no less than 100 men to a general army, to be used in the event of necessary military action. Additionally, they are required to preserve, in all ways, the Bloodhunters assigned to their territory.
▼ Political ▼
Those that take the Társén Oath are expected to do everything within their power to foster, and maintain, a state of peace between themselves and any Kingdoms, Clans, or other entities who are also involved in the alliance.
  Bloodhunters, meanwhile, receive a number of benefits from the Alliance. These include lodging by way of a Manor, to be used as a base of opperations in the Kingdom- as well as provisional funds for equipment, travel, and training; among other benefits... In establishing this alliance, however, the original order of Bloodhunters was broken up into individual units. Each of these units are assigned to a particular Kingdom to whom they swear fidelity, and are expected to serve them near exclusively.   As their purpose lies explicitly in protection against the undead, though, at the last request of their founder Fína Avelson nic Dhána, the alliance requries that the Bloodhunters remain an apolitical force among the Kingdoms. As a result, they are forbidden from using the Bloodhunters as a military unit for any reason other than their established purpose.  

Final Signatories

I, Magáidh Ruiseal nic Cateláin, descendant of Brígh, swear that from this hour on I will regard your lands and citizens as if they were my own. I will be faithful to you concerning castle and territory, and all that belongs within. Neither shall be seized from you by any person acting in my name- and I swear to aid you in holding and defending against any who might wish to seize them from you. By Catríona and GOD, I am Castrillis.
— Cáer Rótarlach Magáidh Ruiseal nic Cateláin
First to take the Társén Oath
I, Faolán Cáinnech nic Dhána, descendant of Fodla, High King and representative of Castrillis, accept your fidelity on behalf of those now and in the future... It is right that those who come forward in trust, without arms, to offer fidelity should be protected. Therefore I say that if anyone should presume to injure you and yours, as you have promised mine and ours, let him know that he will be judged guilty and shown no mercy.
— Róal Cáer Faolán Cáinnech nic Dhána,
Accepting the first Társén Oath

Blood Hunters

Order of the Ivory Ghost
  • Bráina Cáidh nic Comháin
  • Corris Garwen nic Teare
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Knights Profane
  • Aoife Cáinnleach nic Líos
  • Peadra Rhys nic Blatháin
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Order of the Dawnfist
  • Fína Avelson nic Dhána
  • Efríg Grudáire nic Lomáinn
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The Silver Grasp
  • Isáic Aimil nic Crannach
  • Áindra Labhrás nic Tutháil
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Order of the Crimson Blade
  • Eumann Mhoirein nic Bhradáin
  • Dímma Tissot nic Chruim
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The Jade Legion
  • Citean Dáire nic Carra
  • Gwendler Donn nic Ealar
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Hounds of the North
  • Mánus Máirc nic Cateláin
  • Eváin Adda nic Nái
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  • Róal Cáer Faolán Cainnech nic Dhána
  • Cáiristína Quay nic Gharáit
  • Cáer Rótarlach Niall Eogháin nic Cananáin
  • Aldáin Rede nic Lochlín
  • Cáer Rótarlach Deorid Tuáirisc nic Lulachláin
  • Eamon Glynn nic Avelson
  • Cáer Rótarlach Oisean Lucais nic Síoráin
  • Nora Tigháirna nic Nái
  • Cáer Rótarlach Cathach Pheadáir nic Etanáin
  • Bruis Giolla nic Áibell
  • Cáer Rótarlach Donáid Alasdáir nic Áirachláin
  • Una Carian nic Gethín
  • Càer Rótàrlach Magáidh Ruiseal nic Cateláin
  • Dáireen Rees nic Cowín  

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