Mala'kai Avirotka

At A Glance

Luke   Campaign
Into the Wilds   Status
Living / Active   Current Location
Somewhere in the Ajda Wet Forest;
Talaina'Vao, Tolara
5   Race
Traditional Changeling   Class
Rogue   Subclass
?   Feats
?   Favored Attack
?   Current Appearance
Dwarf Male

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  Mala'kai was born to the "royal family" of Faelkarstone after his family had assumed the throne for what they saw as the good of the people; they had infiltrated during the failing royal family's downfall and gained their power peacefully in order to protect the kingdom from reabsorption by the Oliennesian Empire- leading a rather short reign that saw the beginnings of prosperity and unification for the island nation.   The Kingdom of Olienn attempted to negotiate with the Avirotka's for control of Faelkarstone, but their monarch refused to negotiate in good faith, or with any benefits for the Faelkarn people. All offers were rejected. Eventually Dragons in the employ of "the Bastard King" Feara Lansaer se'Usathi were enlisted to deal with the issue through whatever means necessary. After some digging, they learned the Changelings' secret, and ousted them in public view, and branded them (including the young Mala'kai)- seeing it as a far more cruel punishment that they be cast down and out rather than simply dispatched.   Mala'kai and his family fled to the small Tolaran village of Keskala in the Ajda-Donesh Basin after that. There his father began operating a simple wagon shop, aiming to leave the past glories and troubles behind to focus on raising his son. His mother, likewise, went from great Queen to simple candlemaker. Both seemed content with their new lives in the quiet wilderness of the new continent. Mala'kai, however, never quite understood their lack of ambition to regain what was wrongfully taken from his family- not understanding the full extent and implications of what had happened.   At first he was upset and hated the Dragons for what they'd done to them. But he eventually grew to understand the situation more thoroughly as he aged, and his attention turned elsewhere; as a teenager Mala'kai began wandering the countryside around the village, helping the local outlying farmsteads with tasks they couldn't do on their own and protecting people from the harsher aspects of the wild. And shortly after reaching his age of majority, he left for his Idrin without hesitation.   During his Pilgrimage he traveled to Dasmiiran Dhal Stronghold, where he lived for a year- taking on the persona of Malgrum Orndorff, a traveling Dwarf Weaver; he claimed to wish to learn the secrets of this town's unique motifs, and so began to learn the art of weaving Dwarven tapestries. While he lived there, however, he quietly fell in love with Malodi Dhal- daughter of the Dhal Clan patriarch. They were quite happy for quite a while, even, until Mal eventually divulged his true identity to her. She couldn't bear the thought of continuing the relationship after such a secret had been hidden for so long, but they parted amicably enough.   With a new pain, and new wisdom, Mal began to walk the world again- taking up with a caravan of traders under the persona of Mal the Merc, homegrown farmboy. He gleaned what secrets where he could, and sketched whatever he laid his eyes on. But eventually his wandering finally took him to Nunila- the budding Capitol of Ar'lasang Vaerda'Ky. There he joined the crew of The Prize, smuggling luxury goods like Milonan Silk between Ar'lasang and Olienn.
Fae: Nara'Vue   Biological Sex
Male   Age
150 years   Born
Orlona, Faelkarstone;
Othaeciona, off Olienn
???   Weight
??   Hair
??   Eyes
??   Skin
His expertise with Weaving quickly made him a valuable member of the crew, as they mostly dealt with Brocades, Silks, and other fine fabric goods. In his free time, however, he prefered to dedicate himself to learning swordwork from one of his crewmates, Szene Abaza- becoming a highly adept swordsman under his 8 years of guidance. Docking in Port Aralias on the western coast of Olienn one month, though, his attention was caught by the sight of an Airship drifting lazily over the Port. From then on he could only think of what it must be like to sail the air instead of the sea, and the endless possibilities that must exist there.   Returning to Nunila newly envigorated by the Airships, Mal parted ways with the crew of The Prize to see what else existed in the world ... This time he took up the persona of Meltha Ares, a quiet and slightly sombre Timber Elf. From here he joined up with a group of Archivists seeking to document Sa'Avian in Talaina'Vao, and headed south once more; now quite an accomplished artist, he aided them by sketching the ruins and helping to document their findings whenever, and wherever, he could- expanding the knoweldge of Sa'Avian ruins on the continent. Eventually, however, after over two decades of travel, he finally decided it was time to return home to Keskala to be reuited with his family.   Back in the village he eventually grew close with Ceiba Lanael, a local Dryad who supplied the village with "Medicinal herbs". He developed a slight taste for it himself while never allowing it to become an addiction. But he knew what it was like to be alone now, and didn't want them to suffer from that pain ... He watched new families come into the village, seeking refuge from past fates- saw his father always helping, and understood his father knew of their pains as well. He began to occasionally try to help Shael Ash, the transporter of those seeking refuge ... And then they met Aneirin e'Mylel in the forest bathing a bird while asking it directions, and everything started going to shit.  


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  • Rhilaen Avirotka
  • Nae're Avirotka
  • None; only child
Major Associates
  • Keldoran Maera
  • Avanin Yres, the Copper Lady
  • Bryndras Nezzien, the Jovial
  • Malodi Dhal
  • Szene Abaza
Minor Associates
  • Homesteader Keskala
  • Homesteader Keskala
  • Arlo Qar'drane
  • Kilian Dhal
  • Lea'ani Tami
  • Sylvan Carne

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