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Aaina Viswan

High Priestess of Tamara and Co-Founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces

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The Spirits are the Teachers in the Temple, each imparting their lessons of eternal significance... The Priests are only their messengers. The Clerics, only their agents. Paladins, only their protectors; the blessings of the priesthood are available to every person, whether man or woman, neither, or both- and to each is due, not scorn and blame, but reverence and praise, because it is not the Priesthood who bestows such things ... But the Spirits themselves.
Aaina Viswan, Co-Founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces;
Tolara, 9 Jenia 5749

Honorary & Occupational Titles
- Former High Priestess of Tamara
- Co-Founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces
Aaina was born to a peasant family in the Rhat'Vimea Dessert of Olienn. As a child, her family relied heavily on the local Temple's charity to get by in the harsh climate of her homelands.
  As a wonderful architect, her father was eventually able to establish a decent enough living for her family after a time, designing and overseeing the construction of key buildings in and around the capital city of Olienn's Fea'Lora Province where she was born. After his death, Aaina decided to join the Temple's Priesthood as a devotee of Tamara, using her inherited wealth to better the conditions of the city's poor- just as the Temple in the city of her birth had done for her own family when she was younger.   Seeing opportunity to do even more good in the new lands, Aaina was part of the third wave of new settlers to arrive on the continent of Tolara in 5728 after the wreck of The Golden Duchess. Two years later in 5730, she- along with Deamod e'Lufaren- broke ground on the building that would later become known as the Temple of a Thousand Faces. This Temple would become the first Tolaran wonder, as well as the centerpoint of faith on the continent, and (eventually) headquarters of the Priest's Guild after the Ferenian Migration and the events that spawned it.   Under 24 years of her co-leadership, the completed Temple and its Priesthood was instrumental in helping to establish the safety, security, and general health of the early Tolaran colonies- taking the personal convictions and actions of Imalda e'Yisonn to heart, and transforming it into the foundational principles on which the Temple opperated.

Ashari (Fire Genasi)   Life
5695 - 5773 (Died 78 years old)   Birthplace
Lower Vael Shi'rys Province, Olienn   Perceived Sex
Deep Gold   Hair
Golden-Blonde; Cropped Short   Skin Tone
Dark Tanned   Height
5 ft 4 in / 163 cm   Weight
115 lbs / 52 kilos

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