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Sal'Hea Maritime Supply Co.

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The Sal'Hea Maritime Supply Company was, as the name quite easily suggests, a maritime trade company. It was established in the year 5722 by Telonriel e'Teasam during some of the most formative years of Tolara's settlement.   An astute businessman originally hailing from the Vael Shi'rys region of Olienn, Telonriel quickly molded the Sal'Hea Maritime Supply Company into one of largest trading companies Saleh'Alire had ever seen (and which, as of yet, has still remain unrivaled). Its primary offices were first stationed in the burgeoning city of Saethar'Kori, and then later moved to Port So'Lae after the kingdom of Eris'ka was founded on the Tolaran mainland in 5769.   At the height of its grandeur the company maintained a fleet of 400 ships, and routinely traded supplies with the likes of Rusatar, Castrillis, and Martova- quickly (and singlehandedly) establishing Tolara as the trade Capitol of the world. Eventually, in recognition of his service to (and his role in helping to establish) the Tolaran continent, he was awarded Noble peerage by the new Eris'kan Monarchy in 5771- officially establishing the noble House Teasam, which still survives to this day.   Unfortunately the company eventually passed to his son Genris e'Teasam when he was lost at sea one year later in 5772. And being a notorious liar and cheat with a penchant for alcohol and gambling, Genris quickly squandered the family's fortune and tanked the company; within just 5 years of taking over, the Sal'Hea Maritime Supply Company was bankrupt- and by 5780 it was forced to shut its doors for good.
Corporation; Trade & Supply   Date of Operation
5722 - 5780   Alternative Names
  • SMS
  • SHMS


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