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The Black Waste

The Mastosa have always been but a minority voice and power here, if my sources are to be believed. And with them being those chief against us, it is, in my opinion, the Goliaths to whom we should turn our attention; Warchief Uleaku Hala has been a great ally in our endeavors here, and I believe a reward should be in order.
— HRH Nenryn e'Usathi, 1st Phy'ithian Legion

Volently colonized by the Solar Elves of Olienn in 5675, Rusatar is often called the Black Waste due to the rich black soil of the continent, but sparse number of truly livable regions which exist there. There are few permanent settlements on the continent for this reason- most of which are located in the Occupied Territory now controlled by the Goliaths (who, while natives, were gifted control of the region after the events of the Kadenazi War).   By comparison, those living in the still Unoccupied Territories are largely tribal or nomadic in nature, as opposed to sedentary. What few permanent settlements exist here as a result are typically floating or stilted in order to account for the frequent change in water level.   Rusatar's ecosystems are incredibly limited compared to other, much larger continents; winds here are usually rough, with large storms and extreme weather being common occurrences- causing widespread flooding across the continent. This has led to the creation of numerous swamps, marshes, and other wetlands present year round, especially near the coasts. The exception is the center of the continent, which, with its slightly higher average elevation, contains some of Rusatar's only inhabitable plains, shrublands, and forests.


Widest point
2,587 miles; basic hiker aprx. ~110 days to travel by foot at avg pace for 8h / day.   Longest point
6,989 miles;; basic hiker aprx. ~300 days to travel by foot at avg pace for 8h / day.

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Cover image: Cartography by Fleur


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2 Jan, 2021 01:50

Flooding D: I really like how the extreme weather effects the ecosystem here so much that most people here are nomadic.

2 Jan, 2021 01:57

It definitely gets really hard to put down roots in the lowlands when your house can flood at any moment lol